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to update June 1, 2020
987 world were fatally shoot by police in 2017

There were in 2018 보다 in 2017.

Fatal police shootings by year

The Post"s reporting on fatal police shootings

deadly police shootings the unarmed civilization have substantially declined, experts say might 3, 2018 Nationwide, police shot and killed nearly 1,000 people in 2017 Jan. 6, 2018 number of fatal shootings through police is nearly identical to critical year July 1, 2017 deadly shootings by police remain fairly unchanged after two years Dec. 30, 2016 In two years, police killed 86 human being brandishing weapons that look actual — however aren’tDec. 18, 2016 In deadly shootings through police, 1 in 5 officers’ names go undisclosed April 1, 2016

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About this story

The Washington database consists of records of every fatal shoot in the United states by a police officer in the heat of duty because Jan. 1, 2015.

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In 2015, The short article began tracking more than a dozen details around each killing — including the gyeongju of the deceased, the scenarios of the shooting, whether the person was armed and also whether the human was experiencing a mental-health dilemm — by culling neighborhood news reports, legislation enforcement websites and social media, and by surveillance independent databases such as killed by Police and Fatal Encounters. The article conducted added reporting in plenty of cases.

The short article is documenting only those shootings in which a police officer, in the heat of duty, shoots and also kills a civilian — the scenarios that most very closely parallel the 2014 killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., which began the protest movement culminating in Black resides Matter and also an increased focus on police accountability nationwide. The article is not tracking deaths of world in police custody, fatal shootings by off-duty police officers or non-shooting deaths.

The FBI and the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention log in fatal shootings by police, yet officials acknowledge that your data is incomplete. Since 2015, The post has documented an ext than twice as plenty of fatal shootings by police as videotaped on median annually.

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The Post’s database is updated routinely as deadly shootings space reported and also as facts emerge around individual cases. The short article seeks to do the database as comprehensive as possible. To administer information around fatal police shootings due to the fact that Jan. 1, 2015, send us an email at policeshootingsfeedback