Mary Trump's scathing takedown of her uncle has sold an ext copies in a single week than Donald Trump's "The art of the Deal" marketed in 29 years.

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“Too Much and also Never Enough: just how My Family developed the World’s many Dangerous Man” sold much more than 1.35 million copies across all formats through the first week that its revenue in the joined States. 


Publisher Simon & Schuster defined in a push released the the "combined sales figure has pre-orders, sales of publish books, ebooks, and also e-audiobooks, and orders from consumer that room as yet unfulfilled because of extraordinary demand." The company has bespeak a 17th to press of the book, i m sorry will bring the number of hardcover copies in publish to 1.35 million.

Jonathan Karp, Chief executive, management Officer of Simon & Schuster, claimed in a statement: “Mary Trump’s memoir has actually transcended the usual ceiling for political publications to reach a bigger audience of world who want to read stories about unusual families. Us knew 'Too Much and also Never Enough' would do news and offer fascinating mental insights right into the president, however we’re relocated to see just how deeply the publication has touched readers, and also thrilled to have world compare the publication to 'The Godfather.'”

And it's not just the United says where the publication has watched success. As of July 23, the publication was #1 in Canada, Ireland, the united Kingdom, and also the united States, and also #2 in Australia.

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According come a CBS News report from 2016, "The arts of the Deal" sold 1.1 million copies in between 1987 and 2016.

Trump's co-author because that the book, Tony Schwartz, has expressed remorse for helping Trump create "The art of the Deal."

“This is my penance for having developed a man who has come to be a monster, and I’ve invested 30 years emotion bad about it,” Schwartz called CNN in 2016. “Now i feel like I’ve gained to present that there’s nobody behind the curtain.”

Asked to name one thing around Trump the he uncovered appealing, Schwartz replied: “There to be nothing I uncovered appealing,” the said. “This is a man who i really believe lacks a conscience in ~ the deepest level, for this reason there really was nothing. The was efficient in specific ways, he’s a dominant, wild personality and he pushes and he pushes and also he pushes and he it s okay a lot of what he wants.”

Mary Trump's publication paints a similar picture, alleging that Trump hired Joe Shapiro to take the satellite for him. 

"To hedge his bets that enlisted Joe Shapiro, a smart son with a call for being a an excellent test taker, to take his SATs for him," mary Trump alleges. "That was much simpler to pull turn off in the days prior to photo IDs and computerized records. Donald, who never ever lacked because that funds, payment his girlfriend well." 

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