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Tiara Pennington the Alabama. miss America

Tiara Pennington is a political science major at the college of Alabama. She is the first black mrs to it is in named miss University Alabama and the second black mrs to be named miss out on Alabama (the first, Kalyn Chapman James, to be crowned in 1993).

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Pennington"s name was actually influenced by the people of pageants. Her mom Dedra Eastland Pennington contended for miss out on Alabama in the 1980s and became a pageant director.

"My mommy was searching online for tiaras (when she to be pregnant), and also my dad to walk in one day," Pennington said "She said, "I"m looking for tiaras." and also my dad said, "That"s what we"re walking to surname her, Tiara.""

Alaska: Maile Johnston


Maile Johnston the Alaska. miss America

Maile Johnston is a biology significant at the college of Alaska Anchorage and hopes come attend legislation school to study ecological law.

Johnston has actually been dancing since she to be 11 year old, studying everything from ballet and also lyrical to modern-day and hip-hop, according to the miss Anchorage Program.

Johnston has actually been collecting suitcases and toiletries come donate to youngsters in foster care as component of her social-impact initiative.

Arizona: Jacqueline Thomas


Jacqueline cutting board of Arizona. miss America

Jacqueline cutting board graduated from grand Canyon college in Phoenix v a level in service management. She won miss Arizona after contending for the title for the last 5 years.

Thomas" social-impact initiative because that the pageant, titled "Lady Leaders," was inspired by the reality that she to be not permitted to be the chairman of her high school since she was a girl.

"There to be no females in any kind of leadership position from the optimal faculty every the means down to the students," cutting board told GCU Today. "They just didn"t encourage females to pursue being leader or role models or administer us with any kind of sort of role models. The highest position i was allowed to have was secretary, so i was college student body secretary."

Arkansas: Darynne Dahlem


Darynne Dahlem that Arkansas. miss America

Darynne Dahlem graduated v an pet science degree from the college of Arkansas, wherein she plans come return for medical school.

Dahlem has actually been completing for miss out on Arkansas for 5 years, picking up numerous titles follow me the way.But as soon as Dahlem"s mother first signed she up because that a pageant, at the period of 13, she absolutely "hated it."

"I swore up and also down ns was never gonna do an additional pageant as lengthy as ns lived, since I had really bad stage fight," Dahlem told The Arkansas Traveler. "I"d wake up there and just shake."

Dahlem chose to provide pageants one more go once she turned 18, and also so began her journey to winning miss Arkansas.

California: Eileen Kim

Eileen Kim of California. miss America

Eileen Kim i graduated from Chapman Universe v a level in business administration. She has dreamed that a career in international law due to the fact that she remained in kindergarten and has played timeless violin since she was 3 years old.

Kim"s social-impact plan is "Let"s Talk: opened the discussion Surrounding Self-Harm and also Developing healthy Coping Mechanisms." The to plan was inspired by Kim"s very own adolescent struggles with an eating disorder and self-harm between the push she felt together a "model minority," she told Chapman Newsroom.

The pageant queen spoke about these pressures during a TEDx speak she provided in 2017.

"No matter the achievements that i had, i attributed them all to the truth that ns was a woman, or that i was Asian," she said. "Or any sort of brand that world had (placed) ~ above me."

Colorado: Monica Thompson

Monica Thompson the Colorado. miss America

Monica Thompson is a graduate the Oklahoma City University, wherein she to be the first student to finish a twin honors major in vocal performance and also music theater, according to the miss Colorado website.

Thompson"s social-impact plan is "Building solid Girls," i m sorry was motivated by her experience growing up with sisters in a "primarily single-parent household," the website states.

She has won the miss out on America Community organization Award three years in a row, raising an ext than $21,000 and also volunteering an ext than 500 hrs for assorted organizations.

Connecticut: Jillian Duffy

Jillian Duffy of Connecticut. miss America

Jillian Duffy is a business management graduate from southern Connecticut State University. She started competing in pageants when she was eight, and won miss Connecticut after five years of competing for the crown.

Duffy was diagnosed through acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was 13 year old. She ongoing to compete in pageants together she underwent chemotherapy, according to Connecticut Children"s clinical Center.

The pageant queen hopes to proceed inspiring children who have pediatric cancer.

"The first thing I"ll say come them is to just think around tomorrow," she said The Hartford Courant. "I"ll tell them mine story of whereby I was just five or six years ago. I"m miss CT and also I obtained my life back."

Delaware: Hillary May

Hillary may of Delaware. miss out on America

Hillary might graduated indigenous Butler university in Indianapolis, Indiana, v a degree in psychology and also is at this time pursuing her doctoral degree in education from the college of Delaware.

May is a passionate advocate for destigmatizing mental illness and currently volunteers at the American foundation for self-destruction Prevention, according to the college of Delaware website.

She likewise works at supporting Kidds, Delaware"s only grief center for children, where she facilitates group therapy sessions for kids ages 5 through 16 who have lost a parent or sibling.

District of Columbia: Katelynne Cox

Katelynne Cox that the district of Columbia. miss America

Katelynne Cox i graduated from the college of Missouri v a degree in nonprofit management at the period of 17. She is at this time the manager of fundraising and events in ~ the us Chamber of business Foundation.

Cox released three albums as a teen and has toured and performed across the country. She has also worked together an anchor for NBC affiliate KOMU and also as a cheerleader for the Washington Capitals, follow to the miss District the Columbia website.

She is additionally the founder of quiet Is not Compliance, v which she has lobbied because that victims of sexual attack before the us Congress.

"I am a survivor of sexual assault and was raped in college, and I want to turn my destructive experience right into a way that could aid others," she called Voice of America.

Florida: Michaela McLean

Michaela McLean that Florida. miss out on America

Michaela McLean i graduated from the university of Alabama through a double major in dance and public relations.

McLean really hopes to seek a career in the performing arts or entertainment windy relations and also dreams the performing ~ above Broadway or working for "The Ellen DeGeneres show," she told central Florida Ag News.

The pageant queen is additionally the cofounder that Brave and Beautiful, v which she has actually taught dance classes in orphanages, as well as schools and also churches in the Dominican Republic.

Georgia: Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill of Georgia. miss out on America

Victoria Hill is a vocal performance student at Reinhardt college in Waleska, Georgia.

Hill, who has won national awards in classical singing, dreams of becoming a skilled opera singer, follow to the Tribune Ledger News.

And Hill has currently won large in the miss out on America preliminaries. On Monday she was named both the overall talent winner and also the onstage question winner.

Hill is a passionate support for foster youth and volunteers at phibìc Georgia point of view House, which offers support for foster children.

Hawaii: Nicole Holbrook

Nicole Holbrook of Hawaii. miss America

Nicole Holbrook is a business management college student at Brigham Young University—Hawaii in Laie.

Holbrook an initial discovered pageants after a career-ending football injury dashed her desires of coming to be a student athlete in college, follow to The Ke Alaka"i.

Just 14 years old at the time, Holbrook had additionally been acquisition piano lessons. Her teacher, a previous Miss Oklahoma, then began telling her about the miss America Organization.

"I like the reality that the miss out on America Organization focused on service, talent and also scholarship," Holbrook called the student magazine. "I chose to compete and have been involved ever since."

Idaho: elegant Zimmerman

elegant Zimmerman of Idaho. miss out on America

Grace Zimmerman is studying industry entrepreneurship at the university of Idaho.

Zimmerman to be originally first runner-up for miss out on Idaho, yet received the crown ~ winner Rachel woodland stepped down to go after an academic opportunity, according to KIVI Boise.

The pageant queen"s social-impact to plan is "wholesome health."

"I"m fostering self-care that has taking care of yourself internally and also externally," she said the university of Idaho Argonaut.

Illinois: Ariel Beverly

Ariel Beverly the Illinois. miss out on Illinois

Ariel Beverly i graduated from Illinois State University and has spent the last year teaching arts at a high college in Chatham, Illinois.

Beverly started entering pageants when she was in college, yet took a three-year rest after she felt she was putting too much time right into the competitions.

"I believed I was losing myself a small bit," she told Illinois State University.

Now Beverly is concentrated on advocating for arts education, collecting and also donating over $10,000 worth of art supplies to institution art programs over the last few years.

Indiana: Tiarra Taylor

Tiarra Taylor the Indiana. miss out on America

Tiarra Taylor is a interactions student at Indiana State University. She aspires to end up being a teacher one day.

The first-generation college student"s social-impact plan is come bring advantages to disadvantaged youth.

"It"s all aboutempowering young people and giving lock the tools crucial to thrive," she called CNHI News Indiana. "Their dreams are tangible despite their circumstance, just due to the fact that I"m a living testimony that it doesn"t issue where friend come native or that you are, friend can completely do every the points you dream of."

Iowa: Emily Tinsman

Emily Tinsman of Iowa. miss out on America

Emily Tinsman is a music education and learning graduate native Drake University. Tinsman was set to teach in September but put she plans on hold after winning miss out on Iowa.

"I"m a small nervous about calling my principal and telling him I"m sorry, but I can"t teach this year," Tinsman told The Quad-City time after winning. "I"ll have a year of miss out on Iowa and also then, it"s wherever life takes me."

Tinsman an initial got connected with pageants in university after she began running the society media because that Pageant Planet, an virtual pageant company.

Kansas: Annika Wooton

Annika Wooton the Kansas. miss America

Annika Wooton i graduated from the university of Kansas through a level in illustration. She has actually showcased she live painting in exhibits across America, and her occupational has showed up in brand-new York Magazine, according to her official website.

Wooton is likewise on the plank of directors through the Kansas Alliance because that the arts in Education and has travel to Washington, DC come speak v legislators around the importance of the arts in schools.

"My vision because that this task is to communicate with everyone and build on my communication of bringing top quality arts into every community," Wooton said during the final round for miss out on Kansas.

Kentucky: Alex Francke

Alex Francke that Kentucky miss America

Alex Francke is a organization management graduate native the college of Kentucky. She won the miss Kentucky location after being named very first runner-up in the 2018 pageant.

"This has actually been a dream that mine because that as lengthy as I can remember," she called The Lexington-Herald Leader.

Francke is the founder of embrace an Art, a nonprofit that provides cost-free art great to colleges where arts programs room disappearing.

"I want to find a means to attach to youngsters who are passionate however may not have resources to take it arts lessons and also classes," Francke told the paper.

Louisiana: Meagan Crews

Meagan Crews the Louisiana. miss out on America

Meagan Crews is a marketing significant at Louisiana State university Shreveport. After she graduates, Crews plans on pursuing regulation school.

Crews has actually been competing in pageants because she was 6 year old. She took a year off from competing for miss out on Louisiana so the she could act together student government association president at her university, follow to The News-Star.

While serving together president, Crews spoke to legislators versus the potential mergers of Louisiana State college Shreveport through Louisiana tech University.

Maine: Carolyn Brady

Carolyn Brady that Maine. miss America

Carolyn Brady i graduated from Bowdoin College v a degree in government and also legal studies. She is the an initial African-American come win miss out on Maine in the pageant"s 84-year history.

"I host the location in a state that"s about 5% African-American, if that," Brady called The Bowdoin Orient. "I think it really shows that we"re moving toward a an ext diverse and also inclusive typical of beauty, i m sorry is amazing, and I just feel for this reason fortunate to be able to represent that."

Brady began competing in miss America pageants in college, after a previous contestant to be impressed by she violin performance with the Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra and also encouraged she to apply.

Maryland: Caitlyn Stupi

Caitlyn Stupi of Maryland. miss out on America

Caitlyn Stupi graduated from Liberty college in Lynchburg, Virginia, v a level in graphic design.

Stupi next plans to get a master"s degree at the Savannah college of Art and also Design (SCAD) and pursue a job in graphics and also illustration, follow to the Carroll ar Times.

The pageant queen is passionate around promoting youth jae won literacy, even writing and also publishing a children"s book to help teach financial education and learning to kids.

"Being may be to walk in at an early age and just introduce these ideas is something I"m an extremely passionate about," she said the paper. "It"s really my vision that every child will learn the basics of jae won literacy, to really just provide them the empowerment and security that they require for a brighter future, regardless of their socioeconomic background."

Massachusetts: Lyndsey Littlefield

Lyndsey small field of Massachusetts. miss out on America

Lyndsey littlefield is examining biology in ~ Bridgewater State university in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She aspires to come to be a dentist, her dream career since she was a child.

Littlefield has additionally competed in Ninja Warrior competitions, consisting of the 2018 Obstacle course Racing world Championships in London, according to The Standard-Times.

"One that the factors I gained into pageants is ns was so ready to shake increase this world," littlefield said. "I didn"t go into pageants due to the fact that I wanted to it is in a beautiful princess. I want to it is in a fierce warrior."

Michigan: Mallory Rivard

Mallory Rivard the Michigan. miss America

Mallory Rivard graduated from Saginaw sink State university in college Center, Michigan, v a level in beforehand childhood education.

Rivard has actually been a first-grade teacher for two years and also is pursuing a master"s level in early on childhood education. She is additionally a passionate support for literacy.

The pageant queen has currently hit the ground to run at miss America, to win the private interview award during preliminaries top top Sunday.

Minnesota: Kathryn Kueppers

Kathryn Kueppers that Minnesota. miss out on America

Kathryn Kueppers is studying family and consumer scientific researches at Minnesota State University-Mankato. She also has one associates degree in the cook arts.

She originates from a legacy of pageant queens. Her mother, Vicki Plaster Kueppers, won miss Minnesota in 1983.

The pair space the just mother and also daughter to win miss Minessota in the competition"s history. They are the 11th mother and daughter to victory in the miss America program, follow to The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Kueppers an initial became fascinated with pageants after she found her mother"s tiara in a box stashed in the basement when she was 4 years old. Her mommy took she to the miss out on Minnesota competition annually after.

Mississippi: mar Margaret Hyer

mar Margaret Hyer of Mississippi. miss out on America

Mary Margaret Hyer i graduated from the college of Mississippi v an English degree. She is next planning to attend legislation school.

Hyer damaged her foot while obtaining caught in between a boat and also the dock just weeks before competing for the miss out on Mississippi title, follow to The Clarion-Ledger.

"I"ve never broken a bone prior to in my life, so it was amazing timing to say the least," she said the paper.

Thanks to a boot and also plenty of elevation, many of the ede went down before the competition.

Missouri: Simone Esters

Simone Esters of Missouri. miss America

Simone Esters is a journalism college student at the college of Missouri. She performs in the school"s Marching Mizzou as a baton twirler, and also mentors young twirlers throughout the country to help them construct their skills in the sport.

When no at school, Esters devotes she time come a 501(c)3 non-profit she produced in a partnership through the Missouri institution of Journalism called Writeous Girls, Inc. The routine works to "empower young girls with media and community."

Her social-impact initiative, referred to as Leave you MARK: Mentor At-Risk Kids, aims to enhance the quality and also quantity the mentors in Missouri.

Montana: Mo Shea

Mo Shea of Montana. miss America

Mo Shea has a background of win pageants. Not just was she crowned miss out on Montana in June, but she additionally took home Miss Montana"s impressive Teen title in 2012.

Equally outstanding are her scholastic achievements. ~ high school, Shea graduated magna cum laude from the university of Montana through a level in cellular and also molecular neuroscience.

She"s currently an support for skin cancer awareness, and also plans to be a dermatologist.

Nebraska: Allie Swanson

Allie Swanson that Nebraska. miss America

Allie Swanson proudly welcomed her miss out on Nebraska crown in June together a fifth-generation Nebraskan. She also told The phibìc Platte Telegraph the she wanted her win to storage the state rather than herself.

"I don"t want this to be around me," Swanson said. "I understand I won miss Nebraska, yet I don"t take this responsibility lightly and also I love my state."

In the future, Swanson wishes to continuously dedicate time to she church, come to be a CEO that her own company, and likewise "create a type of an innovation that adds to the world."

Nevada: Nasya Mancini

Nasya Mancini that Nevada. miss America

Nasya Mancini is a huge believer in miracles. She was born prematurely after ~ 25 weeks, and also was originally offered a 10% opportunity of survival.

Today, Mancini spends she time pursuing a career in transfer television, and is also passionate around acting. She"ll additionally be promoting a social-impact initiative called Patch for a objective #FindYourVoice throughout the miss America competition.

The initiative aims to empower youngsters to learn about their character, confidence, creativity, and well-being.

New Hampshire: buy it Tubbs

buy it Tubbs of new Hampshire. miss out on America

Sarah Tubbs took house the Miss brand-new Hampshire crown after ~ being called runner-up for three years in a row. She provided each loss together encouragement, and also told the Argus Champion Eagle Times that she invested her runner-up years practicing because that the title.

"Every year that i haven"t won Miss brand-new Hampshire, I determined to take it top top myself to execute the things I would perform as Miss brand-new Hampshire anyways," she said.

Tubbs graduated from the university of new Hampshire v a degree in marketing and also management, and also a boy in dance. She now works as a professional dance teacher.

New Jersey: Jade Glab

Jade Glab of brand-new Jersey. miss out on America

Jade Glab hails from Belmar, new Jersey, and also studied in ~ the McDonough institution of service at Georgetown University. She now combines 2 of her greatest passions — music and health — come empower children through a social-impact initiative.

Healthy Children, strong America teaches young people about why they must "take regulate of your health before it takes regulate of them," according to the Miss new Jersey website. Glab works through the to plan to host musical presentations, i m sorry encourage children to dance.

Many songs used in the regimen were composed by Glab, that sings and also plays acoustic guitar, piano, and flute.

On Wednesday, Glab impressed the miss America judges during the preliminary competition when she won the on stage interview portion. She took residence a $1,000 scholarship as a result.

New Mexico: Misa Tran

Misa Tran of new Mexico. miss out on America

Misa Tran is one attendee of brand-new Mexico State University"s department of Kinesiology and Dance, wherein she majors in strong training. She plans on using her future level to aid veterans, an initial responders, and also the Children"s wonder Network.

After being crowned Miss brand-new Mexico, Tran began working with procedure Gratitude, a nonprofit that sends treatment packages come members of the military and their families. The organization is dear come her, as her dad was previously deployed.

She likewise devotes time to hospitals connected with the Children"s miracle Network, and also plans ~ above attending graduate school.

New York: Lauren Molella

Lauren Molella of new York. miss America

Lauren Molella has actually acheived lot success in the academic world. She has actually five various STEM degrees, consisting of a master"s in psychology from sacred Heart University. She"s additionally passionate about ballet and dance, and works as a choreographer.

In regards to activism, Molella focuses on supporting women and also members that the military. Her social-impact to plan is called Voices the Honor: offer America"s Heroes, which intends to help communities at threat of PTSD and suicide.

Miss north Carolina: Alexandra Badgett

Alexandra Badgett of north Carolina. miss America

Alexandra Badgett graduated from the university of south Carolina through a level in insurance, threat management, and also finance, and also a young in actuarial mathematics. She also previously held the title of miss out on North Carolina superior Teen in 2012.

Badgett is now dedicated to her social-impact initiative dubbed N.I.N.E (No Is no Enough), i beg your pardon works versus rape and also promotes the message of "no method no." She hopes to continue these initiatives by winning miss America.

In her cost-free time, the contestant enjoys dancing and also being through her family.

North Dakota: Haley Wolfe

Haley Wolfe of north Dakota. miss out on America

Haley Wolfe previously told Inforum that she competes in pageants largely "for the scholarship money," despite she also wants to give back to human being in need.

For example, she intends to assistance a platform called #BeThe1To, i m sorry raises awareness around teen self-destruction prevention. She likewise takes location in the Fargo Walk out of Darkness come raise money for self-destruction prevention, and also dedicates time to the Children"s wonder Network.

"I simply love providing back, particularly when you have something prefer a crown to usage as a megaphone come raise awareness," she said Inforum.

Ohio: Caroline elegant Williams

Caroline elegant Williams that Ohio. miss out on America

Caroline elegant Williams is currently enrolled in a graduate program to obtain her master"s degree in education. She functions in the Office of admission for Miami University, and likewise performs professionally in ~ theaters transparent the Cincinnati area.

As miss out on Ohio, Williams created a social-impact initiative referred to as The F.A.C.T.S. Of call 911: Caroline"s dilemm Call. It intends to promote personal safety, and teach civilization how come handle dilemm scenarios.

Williams was motivated to produce the initiative ~ being connected in a serious auto accident.

Oklahoma: Addison Price

Addison Price the Oklahoma. miss America

Addison Price hosted the miss Tulsa and also Miss Oklahoma"s outstanding Teen titles prior to being named miss out on Oklahoma. She"s exceptionally proud that her residence state, and also is at this time studying marketing and also nonprofit management at Oklahoma State University.

As someone through dyslexia, Price "understands the struggles plenty of differently-abled student face," follow to the miss Oklahoma website. Her experience even inspired she social-impact initiative: Empowering individuals with Learning difference through Self-Advocacy.

In the future, she really hopes to inspire kids to use their voices and express their requirements in learning environments. She"s also working through her local governor"s office to "rebrand" Oklahoma.

Oregon: Shivali Kadam

Shivali Kadam the Oregon. miss out on America

Shivali Kadam has actually a level in chemical engineering from Oregon State University, and likewise works permanent as a construction manager.

She"s very passionate around STEM, and aims to accumulate a new generation of female workers, according to the Portland Tribune. Fittingly, she social-impact initiative is dubbed STEM come Bloom: farming the next Generation of mrs Engineers and Scientists.

Like numerous other miss out on America contestants, Kadam likewise works through the Children"s miracle Network, and says she"s "raised thousands of dollars" because that the company in recent years.

Pennsylvania: Tiffany Seitz

Tiffany Seitz that Pennsylvania. miss America

Tiffany Seitz had actually to overcome numerous challenges prior to reaching the miss out on America pageant. Not just did she enter the miss Pennsylvania pageant late (another contestant dropped out), however she also had tiny pageant experience and also had just practiced her talent regimen twice.

Still, Seitz persevered, took residence the crown, and is now headed to the national competition. Once not onstage, the contestant works as a dance teacher. She wishes to someday very own her own studio, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Her affect initiative transparent the competition will certainly be called adoption Advocacy — Restoring Hope, Transforming Lives. She was motivated by her very own adoption.

Rhode Island: Molly Andrade

Molly Andrade that Rhode Island. miss out on America

Molly Andrade hopes to end up being the first Miss America winner native Rhode Island, despite not having actually much of a background completing in pageants. Instead, she started participating after learning around the potential scholarship methods they have the right to offer.

Currently, Andrade is a student at Endicott College, wherein she studies company management and political science. She also works through Children"s miracle Network Hospitals, and also has a social-impact initiative titled SARA (Sexual attack Resistance and Awareness).

"The regimen helps women understand the reality," Andrade called Endicott College around SARA. "I think that ns was somewhat naïve in high school. Ns thought, "that"s never going to happen" or "that would never ever be me," but when the statistics become real it changes your perspective."

South Carolina: Morgan Nichols

Morgan Nichols of southern Carolina. miss America

Morgan Nichols won the miss South Carolina pageant ~ above her first try, according to the Greenville News. After gift crowned, she said the news outlet she to be "just in shock."

As she enters the miss out on America pageant, Nichols is focusing on encouraging females to go after a STEM education through she social-impact initiative, more powerful with STEM. Nichols herself has a degree from the college of scientific research at Clemson University.

"I yes, really take this together a job," Nichols told her college newspaper The Newsstand. "I"m right here to encourage the life sciences, yes, but also to inspire the following generation of ladies leaders, legislators, and decision-makers."

South Dakota: Amber Hulse

Amber Hulse of southern Dakota. miss out on America

Amber Hulse has been competing in pageants due to the fact that she was 13 year old. As The Volante reported, she"s additionally a student of political scientific research at the university of south Dakota.

For her social-impact initiative, Hulse created a nonprofit organization called Operation Overload, which help young people setup their careers. Speak to The Volante, Hulse likewise said the program helps accumulate confidence and public-speaking an abilities in participants.

"I don"t think there"s something that have the right to really prepare you because that being miss South Dakota," Hulse told the institution newspaper. "You don"t have actually a the majority of time because that yourself. And also that"s okay since every solitary thing you go to is among those tremendous life-changing moments."

Tennessee: Brianna Mason

Brianna Mason of Tennessee. miss out on America

Brianna Mason is the an initial black woman to take house the miss Tennessee title. She works as a first-grade teacher, and also has both a bachelor"s and also master"s level from the college of Tennessee.

In 2017, Mason created a non-profit organization referred to as Advocates because that Autism to encourage awareness and inclusion, follow to the Tennessean. She claimed the regime was inspired by a friend who has autism.

As one ambassador for Children"s wonder Network Hospitals, Mason will additionally dedicate time to fostering literacy and being "a voice for educators."

Texas: Chandler Foreman

Chandler Foreman of Texas. miss out on America

Chandler Foreman studies converged transfer media at the university of phibìc Texas. Despite she"s taking a break from college to focus on the upcoming pageant, she to plan to gain her degree afterwards.

As a pageant contestant, Foreman produced a social-impact initiative dubbed The Leader Within, through which she shares an individual anecdotes from she life v young human being to inspire them.

She"s also dedicated to transforming the stereotypes associated with "pageant girls." according to the miss out on Texas website, she commonly shares "her experience across cultural and economic lines," and also displays "the qualities and also skills" acquired through she time in pageants.

Utah: Dexonna Talbot

Dexonna Talbot of Utah. miss out on America

Dexonna Talbot hails from the city of Spanish Fork, and also is majoring in ballet performance at The college of Utah. She dancing an abilities have previously carried her to research in Prague, and landed she an audition top top "So girlfriend Think You can Dance."

When no dancing, studying, or completing in pageants, Talbot works on her social-impact initiative, called Servesteem. The program encourages all plot of service — no issue how large or little — to assist "strengthen one"s own self-esteem," follow to the miss out on Utah website.

Vermont: Jillian Fisher

Jillian Fisher of Vermont. miss out on America

Jillian Fisher is pursuing a level in pet science at the university of Vermont. Her ultimate goal is to come to be a veterinarian and also have her own practice within her house state.

According to the miss Vermont website, she"s particularly passionate about cows, and also has invested time working at a dairy products barn to deliver an ext than 30 calves.

During the pageant, however, Fisher is moving her emphasis to aid combat opioid addiction v her social-impact initiative called Fighting Addiction. The was motivated by she family"s connection to the drug crisis, and helps educate people on the resources accessible to them within the state.

Virginia: Camille Schrier

Camille Schrier of Virginia. miss America

Camille Schrier shocked viewers the the 2019 miss out on Virginia pageant when she completed a science experiment during the talent portion.

The display made perfect sense, together Schrier has worked as a biochemist because graduating native Virginia Tech. She"s now aiming to become a medical professional of Pharmacy through her studies at Virginia commonwealth University.

Her newest goal, however, is to use her miss out on America communication to promote she social-impact initiative: Mind her Meds: medicine Safety and Abuse avoidance from Pediatrics to Geriatrics.

Washington: Abbie Kondel

Abbie Kondel that Washington. miss America

Abbie Kondel has a go-to trick because that stealing the present during pageants: madness dancing. She"s been dancing since she was 3 year old, and also now research studies the arts at Brigham Young University.

During the miss out on America pageant, however, she"ll be focusing on making change through she social-impact initiative, it is in Smart, Don"t Start. The platform will allow her to speak out versus drug addiction, which has affected members of her family.

"You have the right to see exactly how people"s lives and also later generations are influenced by their choices," Kondel previously told the Columbian. "You have the right to see exactly how addiction has influenced my family."

West Virginia: Toriane Graal

Toriane Graal the West Virginia. miss out on America

Toriane Graal won her state"s 75th yearly pageant this year, and also beat the end 10 other contestants in the process. She previously studied bookkeeping at West Virginia University, and also represented Team USA at the 2019 cool Prix the baton twirling in France.

She"s now looking to take home the nationwide title as well by sharing she social-impact initiative, dubbed Let"s it is in CLEAR: Children"s Leukemia Education, Awareness, Resilience.

Wisconsin: Alyssa Bohm

Alyssa Bohm the Wisconsin. miss America

Alyssa Bohm is no stranger come the phase — she worked for her father together a magician"s assistant starting at 2 year old, according to The journal Times.

She"s due to the fact that become a special education and learning teacher, and also plans to carry her academic an abilities over come the miss America pageant through her social-impact initiative: Enhancing methods for people with unique needs. She was influenced by her aunt, who has a learning disability.

Her job-related doesn"t stop there. Bohm additionally serves on the plank of director for unique Olympics Wisconsin, and also was formerly a co-adviser because that a disability cheerleading team.

Wyoming: Jordan Hardman

Jordan Hardman of Wyoming. miss out on America

Jordan Hardman is examining family and consumer scientific researches at the college of Wyoming. She aspires to come to be a pediatric medical professional assistant.

Hardman first got associated in pageants as soon as she to be 9 year old.

"My mommy wanted to gain into something after my parental divorced," Hardman told SweetwaterNOW. "I was hooked after ~ the first one."

When Hardman was 14, she told her mommy she dreamed of ending up being Miss Wyoming one day.

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"She has actually been next to me with that dream ever since," Hardman called the site.

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