With the 116th Congress, sit on January 3, 2019, Republican Kevin McCarthy, representing California"s 23rd District, a section of i beg your pardon is in Los Angeles County, to be selected by residence members the his party to be minority Leader (leader the the minority party) in the residence of Representatives.

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With the 116th Congress sit on January 3, 2019, 10 the the 18 representatives extending Los Angeles County were women. First-time Congresswoman Katie Hill (D), period 31, to be the youngest representative from Los Angeles County and the just one under period 40. Veteran Congresswomen Maxine Waters (D), period 80, and Grace Napolitano (D), period 82, were the earliest representatives from Los Angeles County.

Despite the infamously historic and violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol ~ above January 6, 2021, instigated through unfounded allegations of far-reaching voter fraud in the 2020 basic election, U.S. Representatives Kevin McCarthy (23rd District) and Mike Garcia (25th District), both joined various other Republican conference representatives in an overwhelming the certification that the election. The difficulty was garbage by the house of Representatives. Both congressmen stand for at the very least a part of Los Angeles County. One month earlier, McCarthy, who additionally served together the Republican Minority home Leader, had added his name in support of a failed effort by the Texas Attorney general to difficulty the votes of 4 other states before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Map that Los Angeles County conference Districts

Congressional DistrictRepresentative
23Kevin McCarthy (R)
25Mike Garcia (R)
26Julia Brownley (D)
27Judy Chu (D)
28Adam B. Schiff (D)
29Tony Cardenas (D)
30Brad Sherman (D)
32Grace F. Napolitano (D)
33Ted Lieu (D)
34Jimmy Gomez (D)
35Norma Torres (D)
37Karen R. Base (D)
38Linda T. Sanchez (D)
39Gil Cisneros (D)
40Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
43Maxine Waters (D)
44Nanette Barragan (D)
47Alan Lowenthal (D)