The now-iconic claps in the friends theme track 'I'll it is in there for you' were not a component of the song at the beginning.

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Here's some amazing trivia around the Friends template song. (Photo: WB)

Friends opening tune “I’ll it is in there for you” is just one of the many recognisable tracks in the world and also has a substantial fan following, also in non-English speak countries. The show’s popularity certainly gets a big chunk of the credit yet one can’t take away from the truth that this tune by The Rembrandts perfect encapsulates the show’s essence with its upbeat music and also catchy lyrics.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News in 2014, The Rembrandts spoke about making the monitor in the early 90s and how the now-famous claps were no a component of the initial track, but they love them anyway.

Danny Wilde and also Phil Solem, the men behind The Rembrandts, mutual that they recorded the song over three days v Michael Skloff, the friend theme song composer and Allee Willis “who was responsible because that the music and the vibe of the show.”

Solem common that after ~ they to be done, they went in and also heard the final mix which had the now-iconic claps. “I to be like, ‘Who believed of that? That’s choose the finest part’,” shared Danny Wilde. He likewise shared the the show’s creators, Marta Kauffman, David Crane and also Kevin Bright, wanted to it is in a part of the record so it was them to in reality clapped because that the track.

Wilde said, “Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and also David Crane want to be component of the document so they wanted to try the clapping part. Five my god. Every they had to carry out was go (clap, clap, clap, clap). And also it to be like, ‘Take 25!"”

Michael Skloff, in an interview with variety in 2020 spoke around the claps and also shared, “What seems like something so insignificant became a signature that the song. Together an artist, together a composer, performer, you have no idea what type of connection you’re making to people. Every you can do is the best you deserve to do and also make the best an innovative decisions and also hope the it’s great and the it stop up. And then when something favor that happens, it’s choose magic. It’s choose proof the a higher power or something.”

Skloff common that he and his sound engineers came up v the idea of adding claps after ~ they obtained a panicked call from the producers together they were editing and enhancing the opened credits. The opening credits had earlier been edited ~ above the basis of a demo variation by Skloff, which had actually a north fill so as soon as they acquired The Rembrandts’ version, they asked because that the very same for four quick cuts. To solve the trouble there and also then, Skloff and also his team came up v the idea the the claps.

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