Angel in etched glass overlooking the Hollywood Freeway indigenous the Cathedral of our Lady that the Angels in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

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With 3.5 million adherents in 2010, Los Angeles county is home to the biggest Catholic population in the joined States. Chef County, Illinois (home that Chicago), is residence to the second largest Catholic population in the nation with 1.9 million adherents.

With more than 91,000 adherents in 2010, Los Angeles ar is likewise home come the largest concentration that Buddhists in the united States.

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Adherents space members and also their children and also others who regularly attend services.

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Religious BodyTraditionCongregationsAdherents
Catholic ChurchCatholic2743,542,994
Non-denominationalEvangelical Protestant720345,848
Church that Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints, TheLatter-day Saints226150,569
Southern Baptist ConventionEvangelical Protestant517100,329
Buddhism, MahayanaOther12670,397
Assemblies that GodEvangelical Protestant26969,317
Muslim EstimateOther5969,080
Foursquare Gospel, worldwide Church that theEvangelical Protestant23454,646
United Methodist Church, TheMainline Protestant15449,927
American Baptist churches in the USAMainline Protestant18049,515
Orthodox JudaismOther15044,400
Seventh-day Adventist ChurchEvangelical Protestant14044,377
African Methodist Episcopal ChurchBlack Protestant3441,521
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)Mainline Protestant15038,476
Episcopal ChurchMainline Protestant8338,108

Source: Assn. That Statisticians the American spiritual Bodies and Los Angeles Almanac research.