ns have plenty of times heard the claim that only very few people who determine themselves together Christians have actually check out all or many of the Bible.

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Have there been any kind of studies to almost right the percent of believer who have read the Bible? ns have uncovered several numbers, yet none of lock cite any type of reliable sources.Are there any far-ranging differences between denominations?

Catholics that attend daily Mass because that 3 years will have actually read v the whole Bible, or in ~ least enough to disqualify themselves for St. Jerome to count them amongst the ignorant the Christ.

Ignorance of bible is ignorance the Christ

St. Jerome (famous bible translator)

I won"t effort to extrapolate numbers the don"t exist, but you might as well assume the number is non-negligible, however probably no an ext than 3% in north (of Mexico) America and Europe.

Personally, ns don"t walk to fixed every work any an ext because that work, commute and family, however I did review the whole scriptures when i was a telerelay operator and had the time.

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According to the Barna research group:

20% of americans (USA) case to have actually read the whole Bible61% the Evangelical american (USA) insurance claim to have read the totality Bible

To be ethical this is a lot more than ns expected!

(These number are based on a arbitrarily sample with a probable maximum error of ±2.8%.)

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