SURVEY INTRODUCTION has collection out come answer some of the vital questions roughly how kids use cabinet phones. We have actually explored when parents commonly buy their youngsters their own phone and the factors why. We reveal just how much time on typical per week kids spend on their phones and also if parental police their child’s cell phone activity. We have discovered what children do on their phones and how much parents commonly spend on buying a phone for their child.

With so much noise about childhood obesity, behavioral issues and also cyber bullying linked to childrens’ call habits; space parents very closely monitoring your child’s phone usage? Be prepared to it is in shocked at few of the insights revealed below! surveyed 1135 parents in the US v children in between the ages of 4 and also 14. Survey conducted July 2019 (See listed below for much more information around the data and methodology)


Are kids becoming cell phone call addicts? 42% of youngsters are security 30+ hrs a main on their cell phones!

Are phones ‘Guilty pleasure Time’ for parents? 4 in 10 parents enable their kids to usage phones for this reason they can ‘Enjoy tranquility & Quiet’. 40% that parents recognize to permitting their kids to usage cell phones to provide themselves a break

57% of kids mainly usage their phone because that gaming.

Completing homework to be the least popular activity on your phones (only 18%)

Nearly 70% of parental think the the use of cellphones has actually a positive effect on their child’s development (68%)

25% the parents admit to spending as much as $250 on their child’s phone

Over 4% that parents spent $850+ on a phone call for your child!

Is this a nation of toddler techies? 12% the children very first use a phone in between the eras of 1-2!

4 in 10 US kids are 6 or under once they an initial use a cellphone (40%)

65% that pre-teen kids, under the period of 13 very own their very own phone

Parents are secret cell snoopers. Practically 9 out of 10 parents recognize their children phone passcode (88%)


1.) WHAT period ARE children WHEN THEY first USE A cell PHONE?

How young are children when they are very first granted access to a mobile from a household member or friend? us asked over 1000 us parents to provide us an ethical insight as to when they permit their kids accessibility to a phone


Are we developing a nation of ‘Toddler Techies’ or ‘Belligerent Bambinos’?

4 in 10 US children are 6 or under once parents very first let them use a cellphone (40%)28% the kids very first use a mobile at age 4 or less12% that children first use a phone between the periods of 1-214% of children did not use a cabinet phone till they to be a teenager (13-16%)

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2.) WHAT period ARE youngsters WHEN PARENTS an initial BUY/GIVE them THEIR very own CELL PHONE?

At what period do parental ‘bite the bullet’ and also actually permit their child to have actually a cell phone of your own? as soon as do parental think youngsters are mature sufficient to ‘own’ their own phone? The research over indicates the parents allow their youngsters to ‘use’ cabinet phones native quite an early age, however is this a similar pattern when it come to enabling a child to have actually their very own cell phone? Let’s take it a look at the key highlights:

KEY FINDINGS:40% of us parents permit their youngsters have their very own phone by the age of 1065% the pre-teenage kids have a phone by the moment they with 13!Nearly 10% of parents recognize to buying/giving their son their first phone at 6 or underA quarter of parental wait till their son is 11-12 before they permit them a phone call of your own.1% of parental let their child have their own phone through the periods of 1-2!4% of parents let their child have actually their own phone by 4 years old


3.) MAIN factors PARENTS give THEIR youngsters A PHONE

So, why are US parents enabling kids access to a cell phone? execute parents feel the a cabinet is a requirement in this contemporary world to continue to be in call with them? Are children feeling pressured to acquire a phone call to store up with their buddies?

Or…now because that the real honesty! If parents room truthful carry out they use phones together a means to entertain their kids and give us some essential downtime? us asked parents to choose the peak 3 factors why they enable their children to use a cabinet phone. Let’s take it a look at what us parents said:


4 in 10 Parents permit Kids to usage Phones to Enjoy peace & Quiet!

40% that parents admit to permitting their youngsters to use cell phones to save them entertained / offer themselves a break!83% that parents enable their youngsters to usage a phone so they deserve to stay in call with them53% of parents allow their kids to use cell phones as they believe they room educationally beneficial50% the parents allow kids to use phones to keep in contact with their buddies

4.) WHAT DO children MAINLY usage THEIR phone call FOR?

What are youngsters primarily act on their phone? space they doing something educational choose homework or interacting with the family? Alternatively, space they security time on social media, chatting v friends or gaming? us asked parents to perform the optimal 3 tasks that children are act on their phones. Let’s explore:

KEY FINDINGS:57% of children use their phone for gamingThis is complied with by 50% of youngsters who are consistently watching tv/ movies on your phoneKids are spending a most time communicating with family on their cells tooCompleting homework was the least popular option for activity on children phones at just 18%

5.) HOW much TIME every WEEK DO youngsters SPEND ON your PHONE?

We have pertained to the allude in the inspection that may reason the most controversy. The question that we all desire to recognize is exactly how much time are parents letting their kids spend on mobile phones on a weekly basis? v reports stating the too much cell call screen-time leads to behavioral issues, rising childhood obesity levels and online bullying need to we be limiting the lot of time that youngsters are on your phone? Or as we have such busy stays are phones currently an integral device fabricated into household life that can’t be easily extracted?

Let’s check out the real honest view regarding what parents feeling is an acceptable amount of daily cell phone screen-time. Be prepared to it is in shocked:


Are us are developing a nation of boy cell phone call junkies? kids are glued to their cell phones because that a complete 2 days a week (30 to add hours) and also parents space letting them!

42% of kids are spending 30 hrs a mainly on cabinet phones!This converts to youngsters spending 2 full days a mainly on cell phones42% the parents recognize to letting their boy spend 3 hrs + a job on their cell phone!Kids room spending much more than 1500 hrs on cell phones a year!

6.) DO parents THINK THAT having A CELLPHONE has A positive OR an adverse AFFECT ON your CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT?

Parents have actually bravely admitted that their youngsters are glued to their cell phones because that in some cases 30 hours a week. As parents are possibly now becoming the enablers to mobile usage amongst children – is there some reasoning behind this? perform parents feel that their child using a phone has actually a hopeful or negative affect on their development. Let’s discover out:

KEY FINDINGS:Nearly 70% of parents think that the use of cellphones has actually a positive effect on their youngsters developmentCould this it is in why they permit them to usage them for extended periods of time?

7.) DO parents POLICE THEIR children PHONE USAGE?

Parents have in the key admitted come letting their kids have a the majority of cell call screen-time, however are lock screening their kids cell call usage? us asked if parents understand their youngsters phone passcode? Let’s watch the results:


Parents are secret cell snoopers. Practically 9 out of 10 parents recognize their children phone passcode

A chuck 88% of parents recognize the passcode come their children phoneOnly 12% of parents execute not understand the passcode to your child’s phone

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8.) HOW much ARE PARENTS prepared TO invest ON THEIR youngsters PHONE?

Many parents have actually admitted to buying their kid a phone however how much are they prepared to spend on the device? are they opting because that a top of the range phone or a much more reasonably priced device that can possibly be offered or refurbished? Let’s take it a look at what parental are all set to pay:


Some parents spend several thousands of dollars buying their youngsters a cabinet phone, but the majority opt for a much more sensible price parentheses of up to $100

25% that parents invest up come $250 on their child’s phone17% would certainly actually offer their children a hand me under phone20% of parents would certainly spend between $250-$550 on buying their son a phoneOver 4% of parents would spend $850 dollars add to on a call for your kids!


SURVEY DEMOGRAPHIC:Parents with children between the ages of 4 – 14Gender Split: 53% ladies / 46% MenRESPONDENTS SURVEYED:1135 ParentsLOCATION:All parents located in the United states (USA)