In 1984, John and also Revé Walsh and other kid advocates started the National center for absent & Exploited kids as a private, non-profit company to serve as the nationwide clearinghouse and source center for information about missing and exploited children.

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Hope is why we’re here.

At NCMEC, expect drives us and fuels our promise to never stop. The risks our children face are constantly evolving, and we work tough every job to identify those threats and also figure out how to far better protect children. And also while the means we perform our work is ever-evolving, our commitment to children will never falter.

Here’s a look in ~ what we observed in 2020 and the affect we're make in the fight to safeguard children.

Find missing Children

Unfortunately, because many children are never ever reported missing, there is no reliable means to recognize the total number of children who space actually missing in the U.S.

When a child is reported missing to legislation enforcement, federal law requires that son be gotten in into the FBI’s nationwide Crime info Center, also known together NCIC. Follow to the FBI, in 2020 there were 365,348 NCIC entries for missing children*. In 2019, the total variety of missing children entries into NCIC was 421,394.

In 2020, NCMEC assisted law enforcement, families and also child welfare through 29,782 instances of lacking children.

*This number represents reports of lacking children. That method if a kid runs away multiple times in a year, each instance would be entered into NCIC separately and counted in the yearly total. Likewise, if an entry is withdrawn and also amended or updated, that would likewise be reflected in the total.


full Data: Case kind and instance Status
Case TypeCase StatusTotal
Endangered Runaway2,04225,03027,072
Family Abduction2871,1091,396
Lost, Injured, or Otherwise Missing20219239
Missing Young Adult75921996
Nonfamily Abduction97079


Children that run away consist of a bulk of the lacking child instances reported come us. These children are extremely vulnerable and also face numerous risks including homelessness, gang involvement and also child sex trafficking. Many children who operation away are leaving from the treatment of society services. Federal law requires the state organ report children lacking from their treatment to both regulation enforcement and NCMEC. For much more information around children absent from care, click here.

Missing youngsters by Age and also Race


Age Group

complete Data: Age and Race
Age GroupNative AmericanAsianMultiracialBlackHispanicPacific IslanderWhiteUnknownTotal4511512,9849,4795,3459510,2321,04529,782
Less 보다 1 come 24172215109113920561
3 come 5665012885110510391
6 come 86239745721129301
9 come 11515112775111420394
12 come 1496297161,9281,155181,9232346,099
15 come 173261081,9896,5743,735707,52165820,981
18 to 2054654161232305821,002

Missing children by State

Missing children are report to us by parents, guardians or regulation enforcement. V the exception of children lacking from care, there is no mandatory report of missing children come NCMEC. Below is a break down of situations by state reported to NCMEC in 2020. This go not represent all missing children in every state. A big number of cases is not an point out of any kind of issues within a state, yet it is an indicator of energetic reporting of lacking children within the state. Because that all youngsters reported lacking in her state, call your missing boy clearinghouse.


Data: State by State
Missing StateCase StatusTotal
District the Columbia34548

Missing StateCase StatusTotal
New Hampshire09696
New Jersey27209236
New Mexico1888106
New York1432,3592,502
North Carolina42455497
North Dakota36972

Missing StateCase StatusTotal
Puerto Rico253459
Rhode Island19424443
South Carolina42330372
South Dakota178
West Virginia204161

This is a one-year photo of 2020.This does no include active cases indigenous previous years where a boy was still lacking in 2020. This chart likewise includes recoveries in 2020 of children who to be reported missing in ahead years. A boy that to be reported absent on Dec. 31, 2020, would still be listed as active on this chart.


One that the first ways many civilization are presented to NCMEC is through the AMBER alarm program. AMBER Alerts room activated by legislation enforcement in the most serious child-abduction cases.

We’ve been tasked by the U.S. Room of righteousness to manage the second distribution of this alerts, which includes cell phones, social media, billboards and also more.

Check out an ext about the AMBER alert program and get answers to typically asked concerns here.

1,053 youngsters have been properly recovered as a direct an outcome of the AMBER Alert program as that Dec. 31, 2020.


When a child has actually been absent for an ext than two years, a photograph may no longer display what that boy looks like current day. NCMEC’s devoted artists working on the forensic imaging team produce age-progression pictures of children as they mature therefore the public has actually a much more accurate representation of what the child may look favor now. 

In 2020, NCMEC’s forensic artists age-progressed 195 long-term missing children; and much more than 7,100 since the team began this work in 1989.

This team of artist also creates facial reconstructions because that unidentified deceased children. Lock work very closely with our instance managers who room helping legislation enforcement determine the child’s identity. Until we’re able to give them their name back, us can give them their face.
In 2020, NCMEC’s forensic artists created 49 facial reconstructions for unidentified deceased children; and more than 600 to date.

Overall, NCMEC has promoted 185 identifications the unidentified deceased children.
Team Adam

Named in honor of Adam Walsh, Team Adam provides rapid, onsite assistance to law enforcement and also families during vital cases involving lacking children. Lock are retired legislation enforcement specialists with year of suffer at the federal, state and local levels. 

In 2020, Team Adam deployed come the step of 29 instances of critically lacking children; and also has deployed an ext than 1,200 times because Team Adam started in 2003. And also with COVID constraints in place during 2020, Team Adam did online consultations on secondary 28 critical cases.

Team Adam consultants likewise assist law enforcement with long-term missing cases, bringing knowledge of landfill assessments, search and also rescue, biometrics collection and the integration of every other accessible NCMEC resources.

Lead Development

As a private, non-profit organization NCMEC has a unique capacity to engage in public-private tandem to achieve our mission. V the in-kind donation the data, technology, and other tools, specialized analysts construct information and leads to assistance the restore of lacking children.

In 2020, NCMEC responded to 4,234 requests for info to assistance the recovery of missing children.

Attempted Abductions

In stimulate to better inform law enforcement, the public and also our safety materials, NCMEC tracks and analyzes attempted boy abductions and related incidents. Analyzing these crimes allows us come teach family members how to much better protect their children and carry out law enforcement through tools the can help guard your communities.

In 2020, NCMEC tracked and also analyzed 720 attempted abductions; and also has analyzed a full of 18,335 check abductions since we started tracking in 2005. 

Reduce Child sex-related Exploitation

NCMEC dram a an essential role in the struggle to mitigate child sexual exploitation online. We’ve the evaluation millions of images of child sex-related abuse in an initiative to find the kid and assist law enforcement rescue them from abusive situations. Every day, we work to disrupt the trading of child sexual abuse images and also videos virtual and aid survivors start to rebuild your lives. 

In 2020, the CyberTipline received more than 21.7 million reports, up from 16.9 million reports in 2019, most of which related to:

evident child sex-related abuse material.

Online enticement, consisting of “sextortion.”
Child sex trafficking.
Child sex-related molestation.

303,299 the those reports indigenous 2020 were from the public and also 21.4 million were from electronic business providers. Reports of online sex-related exploitation from the public an ext than doubled in 2020. Because that a full chart that the variety of reports native ESPs in 2020, click here.

Child Victim Identification

When law enforcement seizes child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in an investigation, they need to quickly figure out the identification of the kids in the images and videos and also determine if they room safe, or their abuse is ongoing.

NCMEC’s child Victim Identification routine (CVIP) serves as the country clearinghouse on identified child victims of CSAM. Records containing unidentified youngsters are reviewed and analyzed for any kind of information regarding their potential place or who is responsible for your abuse. Once this information have the right to be determined, CVIP provides the analysis to the suitable law enforcement, both domestic and also international. 

In addition, NCMEC"s CVIP associate police who room investigating the repertoire of CSAM v the police who originally figured out the boy victim(s) depicted in the documents so they have the right to provide added information to assist prosecution that CSAM collectors.

NCMEC additionally helps track the circulation of papers of identified children. Plenty of of these boy victims, currently adults, may pick to share their voices with victim influence statements in ~ sentencing. Or they may want to receive an alert from federal or state prosecutions of people who possessed or spread images or videos of their abuse. These victims are eligible for restitution come cover medical expenses, treatment costs, shed wages and more. When NCMEC walk not inform victims, we space a crucial step in the process, alerting the agencies to the existence of a victim in a case and also working with victims and their lawyers top top the restitution process. 

Since the regimen inception in 2002, CVIP has actually reviewed more than 330 million images and videos.

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In 2020, NCMEC obtained 3,220 requests from legislation enforcement, containing much more than 15 million images and videos. Analysts assist determine if the children depicted have been previously established or if they space unknown or brand-new victims.

Videos Included Grand total - 3,22015,058,113696,552
Number of Requests by Agency
us Federal regulation Enforcement - 1,24011,598,925472,640
Local/State/ICAC - 1,8523,368,659215,203
armed forces - 11390,5018,702
international - 15287