Country music sensation Wynonna Judd is best known for she collaborations through her mother, Naomi Judd. Off-stage, Judd has two kids with she ex-husband, Arch Kelley III. Their son, Elijah Kelley, is 24 year old, and their younger daughter, grace Pauline Kelley, is 23. Wynonna Judd and Arch Kelley divorce in 1998, i beg your pardon may have triggered few of the tragedy that has plagued daughter Grace, who has notoriously been in and out of trouble throughout the years. 

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Five year after Wynonna divorce Kelley, she married D.R. Roach, a male who was once her bodyguard. Roach was later on arrested ~ above allegations that he sexually assaulted a child. 

Wynonna"s blatant life may be component of the reason her daughter, Grace, has actually rebelled versus the system and led together a chaotic lifestyle, as is periodically the instance with kids who have celebrity parents. Many recently, Kelley was arrested for some severe drug-related offenses. 


While Wynonna Judd may have named her daughter grace Pauline Kelley, but the young woman appears hardly together angelic as Princess grace Kelly. In 2015, Kelley was busted for delivery, manufacture, possession, and also intent to market meth in Maury County and Williamson County, Tennessee. According to Radar Online, Kelley was an initial busted in a Walgreens parking lot in Nashville after getting into and out the her vehicle multiple times. Cops reportedly found a plastic bag comprise pseudoephedrine and also a receipt because that "Coleman fuel," ingredients that are generally used to do meth.

The event landed Kelley a short stint behind bars and much more than $3,000 in fines, according to Radar Online. Kelley was put in a court-ordered drug program once she was sentenced come eight years in jail for violating probation. It transforms out Kelley left her drug therapy program prior to she was in reality done with rehab. 

With the pressure of being a celeb"s kid, it"s no surprised that Kelley"s arrest wasn"t her an initial taste of being a poor girl.

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As Wynonna Judd"s daughter, grace Pauline Kelley had a chaotic upbringing. Sadly, it"s not much of a surprised that Kelley"s eight-year prison sentence for meth dealing and possession wasn"t her first run-in with trouble.

According to Radar Online, Kelley went lacking "for several days" as soon as she was on a flight layover ~ above her way home indigenous boarding school. She was simply 15 in ~ the time. 

Kelley also spent time living through her aunt, Ashley Judd, in 2014, after ~ the younger Judd got custody the Kelley amid rumors that Wynonna to be popping pills and also being abusive toward Kelley. The custody battle got bitter in ~ one point. Follow to Fox News, Wynonna Judd placed a gps tracking system on she sister Ashley"s car. In ~ the time, Fox reported the "Wynonna and Arch"s teen daughter may have been the anonymous driver of Ashley"s vehicle."

As the now, however, things seem to it is in cooling off for Kelley. She was released from prison 4 years early in 2019, yet must report to a parole officer until 2024, when her sentence would have actually been up. Hopefully her early release point out an finish to the trouble that"s dogged she for the previous several years.