Whoopi Goldberg has actually so many blessings in she life, however her only daughter, Alex Martin, will constantly be her peak priority. Aside from career accomplishments like she glamorous project on The View, her 1991 Oscar for finest Actress in Ghost and also more, Whoopi is most proud that her function as a mom.

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The Sister Act star included the location of a mom to her an extensive resume throughout her marital relationship with her very first husband, Alvin Martin. The previous pair bound the node in 1973 and welcomed their beloved son that exact same year. Sadly, Whoopi and also Alvin went their separate methods after six years of marital relationship in 1979.


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Although Whoopi is just one of Hollywood’s most achieved stars nowadays, it wasn’t necessarily like that for Alex cultivation up. The Color Purple star’s daughter once recalled what that was favor being ~ above “food stamps” throughout she childhood.

“I know what it’s like since my mom has actually her cards framed,” Alex candidly shared during a 2015 interview through the Grio. “Seriously … i remember that. I remember we had the one-room room and us slept in the bed together. I remember as soon as we want to travel we would certainly drive across the country in damaged down bugs. Us didn’t have the money to walk to movies.”


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Fortunately, Whoopi’s job took turn off in the mid-1980s complying with years of tough work and also determination. After acquiring her first big break in The shade Purple in 1985, Whoopi go on come star in 1987’s Fatal Beauty, 1990’s Ghost, she held the Whoopi Goldberg Show throughout 1992 and 1993 and she likewise starred in 1992’s Sister Act, amongst many an ext iconic films.

Despite her fame and superstardom, Whoopi and also Alex remained as near as ever before over the years. “We speak multiple time a day,” the proud mommy gushed about Alex throughout a 2015 illustration on The Wendy Williams Show. Top top The see in 2016, the Academy compensation winner even referred to as Alex her “best friend.”


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Aside native her marriage with her an initial husband, Alvin, Whoopi has actually walked under the aisle two other times. She was married come her 2nd husband, David Claessen, indigenous 1986 come 1988, and her third husband, Lyle Trachtenberg, indigenous 1994 to 1995. She didn’t welcome any kids through her previous spouses.

Scroll with the gallery listed below to discover all around Whoopi’s daughter, Alex!

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Alex Martin

Whoopi proficient motherhood when she gave birth to Alex on may 9, 1973. Because she’s get an impressive up, Alex has become quite effective in her own right.

Besides complying with in her mom’s famed footsteps by ending up being an actress and also appearing in 1993’s Sister plot 2: back in the Habit, 1999’s American Intellectuals and also 2003’s Strange together Angels, she’s likewise a love mom and grandma.

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In 1989, Alex do Whoopi a grandmother because that the very first time as soon as she invited her first child, Amarah Skye, with her husband, Bernard Dean. The pair — that tied the knot in 2011 — additionally became the parental of their 2 younger kids, Jerzey in 1995 and also Mason in 1998.

In 2014, Amarah make them grandparents — and also Whoopi a great-grandmother — when she gave birth come her baby girl, Charli Rose. “I have actually a stunner announcement. I am proud come tell friend all and introduce you come the newest enhancement to my family,” Whoopi revealed ~ above The View in ~ the time. “This is mine great-granddaughter and also she came into the human being on Saturday.”

Whoopi also shared a video of she feeding she great-granddaughter via Instagram. In it, she gushed around how happy she is to have actually a brand-new member in the family. “Everyone satisfy the new addition come my family Charli Rose,” she said. “I’m act something ns excellent in 40 years. I’m in reality feeding!”