Our favorite letter-turner, Wheel the Fortune‘s Vanna White, is a familiar challenge that anyone knows — yet many pan don’t know much about her an individual life, specifically her children. The game display icon has actually two kids, daughter Giovana (a.k.a. Gigi) and son Nicholas (a.k.a. Nikko), and also they both look at quite comparable to their famous mom.

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Vanna’s two youngsters are indigenous her very first and only marital relationship to George Santo Pietro, a restaurant owner she was married to from 1989 to 2002. Back Vanna didn’t understand if she would certainly ever find love again after your divorce, the TV personality ended up falling for contractor John Donaldson in 2013 and they are still with each other to this day.


Even despite Vanna and also John invest a many time together, the dual Dragon actress also makes sure to spend an same amount that time v her kids. In June 2020, Vanna commemorated Nikko’s date of birth by hanging out v him and Gigi every day. “Happy 26th date of birth to my exceptional son, Nikko!” she composed on Instagram. “So happy to have you residence to celebrate! Love you!”


Vanna loves when her youngsters come to visit. When she to be quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic in at an early stage 2020, Gigi quit by come make sure her mommy was alright. As they captured up through one another, Vanna’s daughter painted her mother’s nails a beautiful pale pink shade.

“Thank you, Gigi, for my manicure!” the mother of two gushed ~ above Instagram again while including the hashtags, “Mother-daughter time,” “stay home” and “stay safe.”


Thankfully, Vanna has been law OK during the recurring pandemic. She’s to be seeing her children every possibility she gets and also has been teaching them her an enig to lasting happiness. “We’re challenged with a the majority of positives and negatives, and we need to accept them and also do whatever we deserve to to obtain through it,” the Simon & Simon actress previously told Closer Weekly in November 2018. “It’s like if you break an arm — the takes time, but it go heal. Life is not perfect — just try to make the ideal of it. Be strong, be type to people and also be happy.”

Keep scrolling come learn an ext about Vanna’s two adult children.


Nikko Santo Pietro

Vanna’s very first child, Nikko, was born top top June 10, 1994. According to reports, he’s a graduate the Oregon State University, yet Nikko likewise attended The college of Arizona in ~ one point. Despite it’s uncertain what nikko does professionally nowadays, per his Instagram, that loves traveling, hanging out through friends and eating delicious food.

According come the Daily Mail, nikko was date Liberian monk Jaycee Akinsanya. “Jaycee and also I have actually a unique relationship,” Nikko has actually said in 2013. “It’s the closestly I’ve ever been through anyone.” that unknown if the two are still together, however Nikko still has actually plenty of image of the pair top top his on facebook page.


Gigi Santo Pietro

Gigi arrived on July 2, 1997. Fans acquired to know Gigi, and her older brother, beforehand as they frequently visited their mother on Wheel of Fortune. In fact, Vanna once mutual a picture with her 2 kiddos ~ above the set of the game present in 2003.

Nowadays, Gigi — who graduated from NYU’s Tisch school of the arts — is a talented young woman. Follow to she Instagram, she an apprentice at a tattoo studio in Huntington Beach, California. In addition to tattooing, Gigi is also really right into art, photography and also drawing.

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