He’s made us laugh because that years with roles in fight movies choose Parenthood, The Pink Panther and more, but as well as his films, Steve Martin has likewise poured his power into gift a exorbitant father. The legendary Cheaper by the Dozen actor share his just child, Mary, v his second wife, Anne Stringfield.

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Steve and the American writer welcomed their lover daughter in 2012. The pair, who tied the node in 2007, couldn’t contain their excitement after ~ they came to be the doting dad and mom of their small bundle of joy.


“It’s going great because I have a wonderful wife and also mother,” the Father the the Bride star called David Letterman on his so late night show just a couple of months ~ his infant arrived. “I’m paying her a compliment — whatever is funny once I shot to be serious!”

Steve is, that course, well-known for play a many dads in his career, yet he once told Fox News he “never thought” the would suffer parenthood in genuine life. The Roxanne alum also dished why he waited it rotates he to be older to have actually a kid.

“I think if I’d had actually a boy earlier, i would have actually been a lousy father since I would have misplaced my attention on mine career,” the top star explained to AARP magazine in 2017. “I am very forthcoming through her, and also it’s great. She’s providing me means more 보다 I’m offering her.”


To this day, Steve is an ext thrilled than ever to it is in the loving dad of his cultivation girl. Due to the fact that the Planes, Trains and also Automobiles star — who was formerly married to his first spouse, Victoria Tennant, from 1986 come 1994 — has actually put his Hollywood job on the backburner to focus on his family, he has “lot of time” to reap with Anne and Mary.

“Oh, it’s terrific … you have all the moment in the world. You all collection and for sure in life, and also you’re not building your career,” he gushed to Australia’s Daily Telegraph in April 2020. “Now, I’m just hanging about the home playing v . The great.”

Keep scrolling listed below to fulfill the Grammy award winner’s just child, Mary.

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Mary Martin

Steve and Anne welcomed their daughter, Mary, in December 2012. Because that years, the couple kept plenty of details about their boy unwraps, consisting of her name. Throughout his illustration on David Letterman’s talk show in 2013, Steve joked he named his daughter “Conquistador.”

“We’ve thought about the name quite a bit. Conquistador. What do you think?” the joked at the time. “I didn’t want to walk with among those Hollywood weird names. Conquistador is a statement.”

Even though the two are quite personal with their an individual life, Mary has been spotted out with her well known mom and also dad on a handful of occasions. Us can’t wait to see how far Mary goes once she grow up!




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