The Northwestern, a fishing ship on discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch showcases the life the Sig Hansen and his beautiful prolonged family. Together the Captain the the ship, he goes on main record by the surname of Sigurd Jonny Hansen, a fourth-generation Norwegian fisherman.

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In the surname of giving for his family, the fisherman took up the role of battling the harsh Bering Sea. However, that is not as agile as he supplied to be and recently recruited the assist of his daughter, Mandy. The said, let’s discover out much more on Sig Hansen’s family, consisting of his marriage to his wife June and also their children.

Who is Sig Hansen’s mam June Hansen? her Wiki-Bio, Age, Family, beforehand life.

Since time immemorial, sailors and ship explorers always look forward to coming earlier to the woman they love after a lengthy voyage. Similarly, Sig shares the exact same fate and also comes home to his wife, June Hansen.

Unlike she husband, June is a camera shy person and rarely gets on interviews when Sig isn’t next to her. Furthermore, she is a private human with the repercussion of that seen on missing details that her beforehand life, family, and also bio. However, some sources say the she is in her at an early stage 50s.

Career wise, when her husband is away, she keeps busy together a professional makeup artist. June credits her occupational on the movie, Josh Taylor’s Prom Date that’s currently on its last stages the production. Likewise, she has showed up alongside her husband on Deadliest catch and After the Catch.

Back in 2019, June received some devastating news. She had actually been diagnosed v cancer. Due to the fact that they captured it early on though, they were able come treat her.

Sig Hansen’s Married life with Wife June Hansen.

June and also her fisherman of a husband have actually revealed nothing worrying the details of their marriage. Regardless, being married to Sig is like any kind of other marital relationship out there. She it s okay worried as soon as her husband is in ~ sea, and a storm is brewing.

Similarly, she also has to brave the Deadliest Catch star’s stunner exes. Sig’s an initial wife, Lisa Eckstrom, in particular, is hell-bent on damaging his happiness by extortion.

At the very least that’s what the judge ruled as soon as he exonerated Sig native the accusations she hauled at him. The couple got married in 1987 yet divorced in the exact same year. Since then, it’s to be a legal fight that has actually gone as far as dragging Sig’s whole family.


Sig Hansen daughter Nina Hansen

Mandy obtained married come deckhand Clark Pederson top top June 10th, 2017 aboard the Northwestern. Whereas Nina functions as a lawyer who represents their household from time to time. Unlike the remainder of the family, she husband and also father the Jaxsen store off the cameras for privacy concerns.

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In conclusion, the family members often gets together for vacations and also road trips. The Deadliest catch Stars regularly travel to ras Vegas and also Disney people where your father is often a sucker for the Disney Rides.

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