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GettyNatalie Wood and Robert Wagner.

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Courtney’s life has actually not to be untroubled. In 2012, the climate 38-year-old was accused in Los Angeles of “suspicion of heroin and also cocaine possession,” according to EOnline.

However, Courtney was never ever charged. The instance was rejected by prosecutors “due to illegal search and seizure, a violation of Wagner’s 4th Amendment rights,” reported the entertain site, including that the drugs to be allegedly found in her home in the Malibu area that California. A handgun was additionally allegedly uncovered during the search.

Over the years, the exclusive Courtney hasn’t said much publicly around her mother. She has actually said a few things about Natalie, however.

In one touching interview, Courtney stated of her mom, “Her hands. I remember she hands – they to be so soft. And she had actually such a distinctive voice and also laugh.” You deserve to see a picture of a young Courtney here.


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Natasha Wagner, Natalie Wood’s Daughter: 5 quick Facts You need to Know

2. Courtney Has worked as a jewelry Designer & Isn’t on society Media


US actor Robert Wagner(2ndL) it s okay a kiss from daughter Courtney(2ndR), and also wife actress Jill St. John(L), and daughter Katie(R) look on during an unveiling ceremony for his star ~ above the Hollywood walk of fame 16 July, 2002 in the Hollywood area that Los Angeles, CA.

Courtney Wagner has discovered a job in Hollywood: offering jewelry to the stars. According to Radar Online, Courtney Wagner has found work together a jewel designer end the years. “The jewelry designer also revealed her service is booming ever due to the fact that Ozzy Osbourne wore few of her piece on his truth show. Cameron Diaz is also a fan of she work,” the site reported.

The website reported in 2015 the Courtney is so publicity averse that she isn’t on on facebook or Twitter. Because that a time, she ran a jewel collection referred to as Wagner & Ko, and also she claimed she hoped she fine jewelry work-related would have actually made Natalie wood proud.

After her mommy died, Courtney Wagner and her sisters “stayed top top the road with their father, safety a the majority of time in Switzerland,” reports alphabet news, quoting her as saying, “I think that every little thing Dad did then — like not being around this crazed atmosphere in L.A. With the paparazzi — was a good idea. It lugged us every closer together. And also I constantly had compassion and also respect because that him for keeping the family together — it might easily have actually fallen apart.”

3. Courtney Wagner claims She Is Glad social Media Didn’t Exist when Her mommy Died


Robert Wagner v two of his daughters, including Courtney Wagner (left).

It’s human being nature to wonder what Courtney thinks around all the the questions swirling around her mother and father. However, she has actually said very tiny about it end the years. She did do a couple of cryptic comment on a radio show in 2015.

She described her mother’s drowning, according to Radar Online, speak of society media, “I’m so glad the wasn’t roughly when us went through that as a family. After it happened, we moved out that the country for a while.” in spite of declaring the she remained in a great place, Courtney said, according to Radar Online, “I feel favor I’m 41 walking on 14.”

In one more interview, she recalled the moment she learned the Natalie to be dead. “I mental waking up to my sisters screaming, and also luckily I had a nanny that i was an extremely close to that was by mine side. There were every these people in the living room, and also my dad said me ns wasn’t walk to check out my mother again,” Courtney Wagner called FOX411’s pop Tarts pillar in 2012. “I was just trying to make sense of it, and dad was asking if we want to go and also see her one critical time.”

“We were all so not correct by the loss, and we to be hanging ~ above to each other,” Robert Wagner told civilization in 2016. “You simply take it minute by moment and hope that it gets better.”

According to alphabet News, she said in an additional interview, as soon as asked if she feel pressure due to the fact that she’s the child of the 2 acting legends, “The only pressure i would ever before feel is, i would constantly want my family to be proud that me. I just want mine dad to feeling he raised a solid human being to it is in compassionate and also care around the points that the cared about.”

4. Natalie Wood had a second Daughter With one more Man

Actress Natasha Gregson Wagner attends the 2016 Fragrance foundation Awards presented by Hearst Magazines ~ above June 7, 2016 in new York City.

Courtney Wagner has an older sister called Natasha Gregson Wagner. Natasha is not the biological child that Robert Wagner, however; she is the daughter of Natalie Wood and also Richard Gregson, defined by The brand-new York Times together an “English agent and also producer.”

Robert Wagner has actually a third daughter called Katie through Marion Donen, who he married in in between his marital relationships to Natalie Wood, follow to The Times. Of she mother’s death, Natasha said The Times, “I understand it to be an accident.”

Courtney was just 7 when her mother died. She is the only biological offspring the the Wood/Wagner union.

5. Authorities to speak Robert Wagner’s comment on Wood’s death Don’t include Up

Courtney Wagner.

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Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, currently 87, had a famously tempestuous relationship, although whether it finished in murder has never been proven. They married, divorced, and also remarried prior to Natalie drowned during a night on the couple’s yacht.

Robert Wagner once wrote that Natalie’s fatality that the theories about it to be “all conjecture. No one knows. Over there are just two possibilities: either she was trying to get away indigenous the argument, or she was trying come tie the dinghy. But the bottom line is the nobody knows specifically what happened.”

However, the boat’s captain, Dennis Davern, a girlfriend of the family, has adjusted his story over the year (and composed a book). He currently says that he heard a big fight top top the deck and also found Robert Wagner stand there v Natalie missing. Follow to Fox News, Robert “Wagner has also refused to talk to officials about Natalie’s death due to the fact that the situation was re-opened in 2011.” Natalie’s sister, Lana Wood, claims that Robert Wagner said her, “It to be an accident… I’m sorry.”

Authorities organized a push conference in 2018 come highlight your concerns about Robert Wagner. They speak they have actually witnesses who heard the pair arguing top top the back of the boat. “Yes, of course, we want to speak to Robert Wagner,” stated Los Angeles county Sheriff’s department Lieutenant man Corina. “You bet. His story… doesn’t really add up.”

“There’s actually an ext than one witness that came forward that heard them on the back of the boat arguing,” Corina said, according to Fox News. “It was really intense and it to be so bad, went down to examine on them because he was worried that there to be some kind of an assault. That’s as soon as he to be told to go away by Robert Wagner…. Prior to it goes quiet.”