Learn an ext about Robert De Niro, his marriages and relationships, and his six children with this substantial timeline the the actor’s an individual life.

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Robert De Niro, the 77-year-old award winning actor of Taxi Driver andRaging Bull fame, has often kept his personal life rather close to his chest. But in addition to being among the most celebrated actors of his time, De Niro is also the father to six children. Over the food of his career, the actor has actually maintained a reasonably low-key when bringing some of the many memorable personalities of the big screen to life. Back De Niro hardly ever discusses his an individual life publicly, there space some exciting facts to learn around his family, previous relationships and marriages, and also his 6 children. Learn more about the actor’s an individual life with the comprehensive timeline below.

Robert De Niro’s Children

Drena De Niro

De Niro marredDiahnne Abbot in 1976, and subsequently came to be the stepfather to Diahnne’s daughter indigenous a ahead marriage,Drena. Diahnne and also De Niro met ~ above the collection of the 1976 movie Taxi Driver, i beg your pardon starred De Niro in among his many iconic roles. Drena, born September 3, 1971, took she stepfather’s last name and also went ~ above to follow in both of her parents’ footsteps.

Robert De Niro and also Drena De Niro in ~ the 20th yearly Hollywood movie Awards in Los Angeles ~ above November 6, 2016 .Drena is one actress and also model. Her transition to acting started in her mid-20s, as soon as she played a receptionist in the filmGrace of mine Heart. End the course of a few decades, Drena built up a solid filmography through a variety of credits, consisting of a duty in 2018’s Oscar-nominated filmA Star Is Born, certification Lady GagaandBradley Cooper, as well as a role in the filmJoy, co-starring she stepfather and also starringJennifer Lawrence. Drena is close through both she mom and also stepfather, and often share a photograph or two v De Niro on she Instagram page, generally posing v her very own kiddos.

Raphael De Niro

Raphael De Niro is the first child betweenDiahnne Abbot and Robert De Niro. The pair welcomed their boy on November 9, 1976. Much like his half-sister, Drena, Raphael also started his job in acting. Early on on, Raphael appeared in movies alongside his father, includingAwakenings andRaging Bull. Return he started out in acting, Raphael made a quite drastic career adjust as one adult.

Raphael De Niro and Robert De Niro in ~ the second Annual Robert De Niro compensation Reception in brand-new York ~ above January 22, 2013 .Raphael walk on to become a real estate broker, founding the certain De Niro Team, Douglas Elliman, described as a “real legacy advisory team through 15 year of proven success in new York City resale and brand-new development,” per your Instagram page. That his clients, Raphael has worked with the likes that Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Ripa, and much more when it pertains to their genuine estate pursuits. Raphael has actually been married twice and has children. When Raphael was just a pre-teen, his father and also mother filed for divorce.

Julian & Aaron De Niro

Following his divorce native Diahnne Abbot, De Niro began dating modelToukie Smith. During their relationship, which lasted indigenous 1988 to 1996, De Niro and Toukie invited twin sons, Julian andAaron De Niro. The twin boys to be conceived via in vitro fertilization, and also born via surrogate in October 1995. Both Julian and Aaron are relatively private around their lives. Although castle did attend red carpet events with their father and mother together youngsters, as adults they lead fairly quiet lives.

Elliot De Niro

By 1997, De Niro married his 2nd wife, Grace Hightower. The couple welcomed their son, Elliot De Niro, in 1998. Elliot is a young human being with unique needs, and also Grace and also her husband to be adamant around finding their child an outlet to enjoy and be himself. Castle enrolled Elliot in tennis lessons and he dropped in love through the sport.

“He wasn’t crazy about it, in ~ times,” De Niro confessed the his son’s enthusiasm because that tennis in a video clip for ESPN. “His mother was an excellent at advertise , and also wanting him to be physical and also work out,” De Niro go on. “He has realized, ‘Oh, ns can attain this,"” Grace claimed of she son. “It has actually helped that socially,” she walk on. “It helps him be an ext confident when he sees the he’s actually good at this,” De Niro said of his son’s relationship with tennis and exercising. “That’s the finest self-motivator one have the right to have. He’s gonna feel far better about himself, which the does. So, it’s a win-win for everybody, especially .”

While it’s clear the De Niro had actually Grace have a strong bond and also support for your son, the pair nearly break-up less than 3 years after acquiring married. They initially called it quits top top their marriage in 1999, but the divorce was never finalized. In 2004, De Niro and Hightower renewed your vows.

Helen De Niro

With your marriage ago on track, De Niro and his mam made the decision to broaden their family further. In 2011, the pair welcomed their daughter, Helen De Niro, via surrogate. Small is known about Helen, after all she is practically 10 years old. But years after ~ she was welcomed right into the De Niro family, Helen’s parental officially make the decision to end their marriage. Grace and also De Niro be separate in 2018, and their divorce is really much still up in the air as result of ongoing legitimate issues and more.

Throughout his career, De Niro has rarely debated his personal life. Yet during a June 2020 illustration on The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor welcomed the opportunity to talk around his children and also raising them end the food of the last couple of decades. “My kids are all half Black and I don’t have, even me, i take certain things because that granted,” the actor admitted to eponymous host,Jimmy Fallon.

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“When civilization say that they tell your kids, ‘Keep her hands once you’re quit by any kind of cops, keep your hand on the steering wheel, don’t do a sudden move, don’t put your hands below, don’t perform this,’ you recognize that,” the continued, adding, “That’s scary. That has to change.”

Along v revealing together details about watching his six children navigate the world, he’s additionally been quite candid about how that feels when it comes to them complying with in his footsteps and also pursuing a job in acting. “For mine kids, i tell them, ‘If you desire to be an actor or you want to do this or that, that’s well as lengthy as you’re happy,’” the gibbs told People. “Just don’t sell yourself short. That’s the many I would certainly say — push yourself a little more and reach because that what you yes, really think the is you desire to do. Don’t be afraid.” that was an extremely adamant that he wanted this youngsters to “find their own lane.”

While he has actually been really reticent to talk about his six children in the past, De Niro shows up to be really supportive and also love them an extremely much — like any type of other affiliated parent. “I love mine children, just being v them,” the gibbs gushed toUs WeeklyApril 2019. “It’s not easy. Periodically it’s fun and also you love your kids, and also sometimes you want to kill them!” Like any type of parent, it’s clear the Robert De Niro’s relationships through his six children have been totally unique, but also familiar for his longtime fans who can be parents, too.