HOLLYWOOD gibbs Richard Gere has actually welcomed his recent child right into the world at the grand old age of 71.

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The A-Lister currently has fairly the brood - us take you through his ever-expanding family.

Richard Gere and his mam Alejandra Silva have two children togetherCredit: Getty photos - Getty

How many kids does Richard Gere have?

On April 23, 2020 Richard announced he and also wife Alejandra Silva had welcomed a baby boy.

This is their 2nd child together they had actually their an initial son, Alexander, in February 2019.

The actor likewise has a 20-year-old son referred to as Homer native his second marriage - therefore that provides three children.

Richard is also step-dad to Alejandra's eight-year-old child Albert, indigenous her very first marriage.


Richard with his son AlbertCredit: Getty - Contributor

When go Richard Gere marry?

Richard married Spanish activist Alejandra Silva in April 2018.

They had been dating for 4 years.

The pair actually an initial met once Alejandra to be a tiny girl as Richard is a family members friend.

They climate reconnected in 2014 at a hotel the Alejandra was regulating - the Treville hotel in Positano, Italy.




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Who else has Richard Gere been married to?

Richard was previously married come Carey Lowell with whom he had actually Homer - the pair break-up in 2013 after ~ 11 years of marriage.

From 1991-1995 he was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford.

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He has additionally had relationships v Penelope Milford (1971 to 1978), Priscilla Presley (1983) and Kim Basinger (1986).


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