The Pioneer mrs star Ree Drummond is love by many, not only since of she recipes, but additionally because that her healthy and balanced image. Fans prefer to vote every mainly to uncover out more about her life and also what her household is increase to. Ree’s children, that are often the focus of she Instagram posts, seem come be children with grounds that continue to be out that trouble. That’s why fans were shocked to hear the Ree’s youngest daughter, Paige, had actually recently been arrested. From this letter Ree did no say anything around the brush of her daughter v the law. The is possible that the Food Network star simply does not rattle the news that much. This is why The Pioneer woman star Ree Drummond is most likely calm prefer a cucumber.

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How many children does Ree Drummond have?

Ree Drummond has actually four kids with she husband, Ladd. Alex’s oldest child, Alex, was born in 1997. She freshly graduated indigenous Texas A&M University. Ree’s 3 other kids are Paige, Bryce and also Todd.

Paige and Ree Drummond have actually a near relationship


Ree newly posted a picture of herself and sent Paige to college. She told she fans that she was fairly emotional and found it tough to let her daughter switch to a new chapter in she life. Ree finished her blog post by expressing gratitude for Paige:

Red nose, thrilling chin, chop throat, pains in heart. Leave your son at college is no typical feat. I have actually done it as soon as before and thought that probably this time it would be a bit easier. I discover it a little harder. But through every the tears I view this clearly: what a delight it is to command her into the next phase of her life. Paige, i am therefore thankful that ns am your mother.

Red nose, trembling chin, tight throat, aching heart. Leaving your kid at college is no picnic. I've done it once before and also thought perhaps this time would certainly be a little easier. Ns think it's a tiny harder. But through every the tears, I check out this clearly: What a delight it is to usher her right into the following stage of she life. Paige, I'm so thankful to be her mom.❤️

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Paige Drummond’s arrest

Paige was arrested for possession and consumption of alcohol, reports come E! News. Follow to court documents derived by E!, Paige was charged v the possession the alcohol by a human being under 21 and public intoxication. Court data indicate that the incident developed in April in Oklahoma. Paige is said to have been charged and taken come prison.

E! News reports that according to court records, the ar attorney composed that Paige was stunned throughout her arrest. This form of crime can result in a one-year prison sentence and up to $ 500 in compensation. However, it seems that Paige had the arrest and judicial papers removed, E! News. The request was approved by the general public prosecutor.

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Why Paige Drummond’s arrest more than likely doesn’t faze Ree

As much as we can see, Ree is not stressed through Paige’s arrest. She continues her life and also continues to post photos top top Instagram. Ree’s method to parenting is one the we can all find out from. In an interview, Ree described that motherhood is around flow. She knows that being older involves a few ups and also downs, therefore she just throws it. This probably explains why Ree generally looks for this reason calm and also happy. “If you have the right to just take on the chaos and the funny pieces and also actually just organize on and also enjoy the ride, that’s what motherhood is,” Ree said.