RAY CHARLES had 12 youngsters with assorted women throughout his life - yet how many wives did he have?


Ray Charles - how plenty of wives did the have? (Image: Getty)


Ray Charles in ~ the piano (Image: Getty)


They met in 1954 and married a year later on April 5, 1955, and also were married because that 22 years.

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Ray’s medicine use led to a great deal of stress, overload in their marriage, and his to work which produced a variety of other children.

With Bea, Ray had actually three sons: beam Jr, born in 1955; David, born in 1958; and also Robert, born in 1960.

However, his very first child was a girl named Evelyn, born to him and also Louise flower in 1949.

One that Ray’s most well known affairs was v Margie Hendricks, among the original Raelettes, i m sorry lasted 6 years.


Ray Charles to be married double (Image: Getty)

In 1959 they had actually a son, Charles Wayne, that was born while ray was married audioeditorfree.comme Bea.

He then had a daughter, Renee, with Mae Mosley Lyles in 1961, and in 1963, he had a daughter, Sheila, v Sandra Jean Betts.

In 1966 he had another daughter, Reatha, and also in 1968 he had actually a boy with Mary-Chantal Bertrand, named Alexandra.

He had an additional son, Vincent, through Arlette Kotchounian in 1977, which was the same year Bea divorced him after ~ 22 years of marriage.

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An older beam Charles (Image: Getty)


All in all, he had six kids during his marriage to Bea that were not born audioeditorfree.comme her, and nine kids in full during his marriage to her.

Ray’s youngest children were born virtually 10 year apart, through Robyn being born audioeditorfree.comme Gloria Moffett in 1978, and audioeditorfree.comrey gift born audioeditorfree.comme Mary ann den Bok in 1987.

While he had actually no an ext children, at the time of his death in 2004 the had been in a relationship with long-term audioeditorfree.commpanion Norma Pinella.

Ray has actually himself admitted just how women are essential to the and help him in his an imaginative process, and also beaudioeditorfree.comming one ‘obsession.’

He told Jet newspaper in 1978: “My obsession centres on ladies - did climate (when young) and does now.

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“I can’t leaving them alone. Ladies anchor me.

“They’re there when I require them. They’re perceptible to me and also I’m sensitive to them.”

In the interview, that even asserted to “dig” group sex with tiny gatherings of increase to three or four - despite he stated he liked to be the “only man.”

He likewise spoke the end a an excellent deal around his sex-related exploits, claiming he lost his virginity in ~ 12-years-old to a 20-year-old woman, and he has had actually "a taste the love in several languages," introduce to his having had actually sex with women of different nationalities.

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