The major name in the music industry, Pitbull, born Armando Christian Perez, is life by his motto ‘single, bilingual, and also ready to mingle.’ he dated numerous women throughout his lifetime yet never acquired married come any. That does not median he will never ever tie his marital knot, though! Probably, Mr. Global has not found Mrs. An international yet. It might take part time, but we definitely will obtain to watch Pitbull’s wife sooner or later.

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Despite not being married, Mr. 305 has actually fathered six children with several women. In this article, get to understand all the six kids of the rapper Pitbull and his baby mamas.

Daughter Destiny Perez through Barbara Alba

Destiny Perez is the daughter the Pitbull from his union with his ex-girlfriend, Barbara Alba. The former pair welcomed their daughter, Destiny Perez, on 15 respectable 2002.

The Cuban-American rapper Pitbull preserved the bear of his small princess, Destiny, a an enig for part period. However, his too much love for his son did no let him store it within himself and his infant mama, Barbara, for long. Part months after Destiny’s arrival, Pitbull inked his ideal forearm v her face, name, and birth date.

Pitbull has actually a tattoo the his daughter Destiny Perez’s name. Photo Source: society Media.

Although the exceptionally private Pitbull permit his pan know around his daughter, Destiny’s birth, he has actually kept her the end of the media reach. He never talks around Destiny or leaks any details about her ~ above his society media pages. It seems choose Pitbull walk not desire his small girl come be influenced by unnecessary media dramas.

Nevertheless, as per the birth date of Pitbull’s daughter, Destiny Perez, she is eighteen years old in the present. So, she must have completed her high school and enrolled in some university close to her residence. We hope Destiny will soon appear in the limelight so the her well-wishers obtain to see and also know about her more deeply.

Son Bryce Perez

Bryce Perez is likewise the boy of Pitbull v his previous love, Barbara Alba. The estranged companion of Pitbull, Alba, ceded Pitbull’s son, Bryce Perez, on 5 march 2003, a year after ~ the birth of Destiny Parez.

According to sources, Pitbull’s infant mama, Barbara, take it the custody that both of your kids, Destiny, and also Bryce after their separation. Currently, that is living a serene life much from the with of media scrutiny. That seems focused on making a job on his very own without any help from his father’s popularity.

Like Destiny, the overwhelmed dad that Bryce, Pitbull has actually a tattoo of Bryce’s face and also name top top his upper arm.

Pitbull inked his top arms through the name, picture, and also birth date of his son, Bryce Perez. Image Source: society Media.

Though Pitbull’s son, Bryce, has actually not appeared in public occasions with his celebrity dad, his father’s pan speculate the he can have inherited his dad’s rap skills. Hopefully, we deserve to see him soon on the stage touring in addition to his father.

Pitbull’s kids From His various other Baby Mamas

Besides the beautiful Barbara Alba, Pitbull has actually a pair of infant mamas through whom the is report to have four an ext children. However, the names of all the four youngsters of Pitbull and also their mothers are still a large mystery because that everyone. Possibilities are he desires his children to live a regular life there is no being affected by his fame. He wishes his children to pave a career route individually and also succeed without making use of his name.

Furthermore, concentrating on Pitbull’s marital life, he claimed in one interview numerous years back that he has a very solid old-school mentality; the lady order first, he opens doors for them. He also said the he yearns for a girlfriend in a woman more than a girl friend or a wife. We hope he find his better-half out there soon. That knows, Pitbull could give a dual surprise come his pan by getting married and also introducing every his obscure youngsters at once. We require to have actually some patience and also hold up for it.

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