Over the last seven decades, Queen Elizabeth and also her late husband, Prince Philip, have actually been the face of the royal family. Despite they did incredible points as a couple before the fight it out of Edinburgh’s fatality in April 2020, your crowning achievement is your kids.

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Elizabeth, who has reigned over the united kingdom for much more than 65 years, has displayed that family members is everything. The monarch married she husband in November 1947, and they later came to be the proud parents of their four children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew.


A Timeline that Queen Elizabeth and also Late Prince Philip"s Relationship

Throughout the years, Elizabeth and Philip have actually taught their kids everything they must know around being in the royal family. As the two aged, Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew, and also their own kids, have stepped up and accepted more royal duties.

“It’s nearing the end of the queen’s reign and she’s planning to pass down the crown come Charles sooner fairly than later,” a source exclusively told Closer Weekly in august 2020 “Charles has already taken on numerous of she duties, and since marrying Camilla >, the has end up being so much an ext self-assured. Having a strong woman through his side has actually helped him to become much more confident.”


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Charles married his second wife, Camilla, in 2005, after ~ his divorce from so late spouse Princess Diana in 1996. End the years, Elizabeth and also the duchess have actually grown to be an extremely close, and the king tries to gain along with all of her children spouses, consisting of Princess Anne’s husband, Timothy Laurence.

Like Charles, Anne likewise went with a divorce. Before saying “I do” to Timothy in 1992, she was married to her first spouse, Mark Phillips, for virtually two decades because 1973. Although divorce has constantly been looked down upon in the imperial family, Elizabeth had actually her children backs.

Anne’s husband Timothy once praised the queen for passing down some wonderful characteristics to his wife. During ITV’s Anne: The Princess royal at 70 documentary, the navy officer stated Anne and Elizabeth both re-superstructure the exact same “humor” and “fun.”


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Sadly, the royal household said goodbye come Philip when he passed away at age 99 ~ above April 9. His death, i beg your pardon came much less than a month after he was released indigenous the hospital, was announced by his love ones top top Twitter.

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has actually announced the fatality of she beloved husband, His imperial Highness The Prince Philip, fight it out of Edinburgh,” the royal family’s explain read. “His imperial Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.”

Following the news, a source told Closer the Elizabeth to be “heartbroken” end Philip’s death, which come “as a shock.” The insider detailed their 4 kids, as well as the remainder of the family, are “all devastated.”

In October 2021, Elizabeth challenged a health scare and spent a night in the hospital. She was advised by medical professionals to remainder for 2 weeks. Her trip to north Ireland to be canceled, and also she rather opted come attend occasions virtually. Members of the royal household were reportedly at Elizabeth’s side during her health and wellness crisis, according to Page Six. All eyes to be on her children and how castle would step up as she recovered.

“She’s no a quitter and also will continue working but is handing over few of her duties to Charles and also William,” a source told Us Weekly. “ is preparing them to take over.”

Scroll listed below to learn much more about Elizabeth and also Philip’s kids.


Prince Charles

Elizabeth and also Philip’s an initial child, Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, to be born ~ above November 14, 1948, at Buckingham Palace. He’s recognized for being the oldest and longest-serving heir obvious in brothers history, as well as the longest-serving Prince of Wales, having held that title since 1958. As the Queen’s eldest son, that is first in line for the throne. During his imperial upbringing, Charles was educated at residence by a governess from period 5 come 8 prior to he to visit the Cheam and Gordonstoun schools, the same organizations where his father, Philip, was educated. Charles later went to Trinity College, Cambridge, whereby he graduated through a bachelor of arts degree. From 1971 till 1976, he offered in the imperial Navy.

As an adult, Charles caught the world attention as soon as he started dating and quickly ended up being one that Britain’s most eligible bachelors. In July 1981, that famously married Princess Diana in ~ St. Paul’s Cathedral when he was age 32 and Diana was only 20. In June 1982, the pair welcomed their first child, son Prince William. Their 2nd son, Prince Harry, later on joined the family members in September 1984. By December 1992, Charles and also Diana officially announced your separation after ~ 11 year of marriage and they finalized your divorce in respectable 1996.

Eight year after Diana tragically passed away in an respectable 1997 automobile crash in Paris, Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in ~ Windsor Guildhall in April 2005. However, the royal had actually actually dated Camilla prior to meeting Diana and also the two continued their relationship with one affair throughout his marital relationship to Lady Di. As soon as he tied the knot with Camilla, Charles came to be a stepfather to her two adult children — child Tom Parker Bowles and daughter Laura Lopes — from her very first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles.

Today, Charles and also Camilla reside in the imperial family’s Clarence house mansion and regularly attend main engagements together. Charles — who has actually been touted the “hardest working member that the royal family” — fills his days by doing lots of charity work, stepping out at events, sustaining the Queen, and also embarking on imperial tours roughly the people on behalf of the monarchy. He’s also an avid painter, is passionate about climate change, and has authored two books, A Vision the Britain: A an individual View that Architecture and The Old male of Lochnagar.


Princess Anne

The queen and duke’s 2nd child, ann Elizabeth Alice Louise, Princess Royal, was born on august 15, 1950, in ~ Clarence House. At the moment of her birth, anne was 3rd in line because that the throne behind her mother and also her older brother, Charles. Today, ann is 17th in the line of imperial succession. Throughout her childhood, ann was primarily educated at she Buckingham Palace residence by a governess until she enrolled at Benenden boarding college at age 13 in 1963. She did not go come college.

In November 1973, the brunette beauty beauty married her first husband, note Phillips, at Westminster Abbey as soon as she to be 23 year old. The pair later had two kids — boy Peter Phillips (born in November 1977) and daughter Zara Tindall (born in may 1981) — together prior to they divorce in April 1992. Just a couple of months after her divorce, ann tied the knot with Sir Timothy Laurence (who previously functioned as Queen Elizabeth’s imperial equerry) in ~ the Church of Scotland on December 12, 1992.

Now, Anne and also her husband live at St. James’s Palace. Beside from she philanthropic ventures, the princess’ large claim come fame is she talent together an equestrian. She won the european Eventing Championship in 1971 and even completed in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Favor her siblings, Anne likewise supports the Queen and royal family members by on regular basis attending official engagements and also traveling approximately the human being on imperial tours.

Prince Andrew

The couple’s third child, Andrew Albert Christian Edward, battle each other of York, was born top top February 19, 1960, in ~ Buckingham Palace. At the moment of his birth, Andrew was second in line for the throne (but is at this time ninth in line) and was recognized for being the an initial baby born come a reigning brother monarch because 1857, as Elizabeth was just a princess when Charles and also Anne joined the family. Before he to visit Heatherdown Preparatory college in Berkshire, England, as a preteen, Andrew to be educated at house by a governess like his siblings. He later on enrolled in ~ Gordonstoun in Scotland and even studied overseas in Canada. Andrew did not attend college and also instead join the royal Navy.

During his time in the Navy, Andrew served as a helicopter pilot and warship captain and saw active duty throughout the Falklands War. Today, the dad of 2 holds the title of Commander and also Vice Admiral of the royal Navy. In July 1986, Andrew married Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey and the couple later invited daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie in august 1988 and March 1990, respectively. Sadly, Andrew and Fergie divorce in may 1996, yet the two continue to be close today and even live together at the royal Lodge at Windsor.

For years, Andrew spent his time similar to his enlarge siblings by representing the royal family members at miscellaneous charity events, main outings and also tours abroad. In November 2019, Andrew determined to action away indigenous his royal duties amid debate surrounding his former friendship through Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Edward

Elizabeth and also Philip’s fourth and final child, Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl that Wessex, to be born on march 10, 1964, in ~ Buckingham Palace. At the time of his birth, Edward was 3rd in the heat of succession but is currently 14th to take over the brothers throne. Prefer his three older siblings, Edward to be homeschooled by a governess together a child and also later attended Gibbs School, Heatherdown School, Gordonstoun, and the Wanganui Collegiate college in new Zealand. Edward ultimately enrolled at Jesus College, Cambridge, wherein he studied history and then got a masters of arts degree.

After finishing his education, Edward join the royal Marines — however dropped the end of the program’s grueling training course in 1987 — and also then interestingly sought a career in the entertain business. Complying with a stint together a theater production assistant and also work on the british TV present The cool Knockout Tournament, Edward created the television production agency Ardent Productions in 1993. The company was later on liquidated in 2009 with simply $52 the assets.

In June 1999, Edward married Sophie, Countess of wesdex at St. George’s Chapel and also the pair had two kids — daughter Lady Louise Windsor (born in November 2003) and son James, Viscount Severn (born in December 2007). He and his household now reside at the imperial family’s Bagshot Park heritage in Surrey, England.

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Today, Edward has actually taken over countless of his dad Prince Philip’s imperial duties after ~ the fight it out of Edinburgh retirement in summer 2017. He frequently attends imperial events and also embarks on abroad tours v his siblings come publicly represent the brothers monarchy.