The name’s Bond, James link — well, at the very least on TV. But when Pierce Brosnan is approximately his family, he’s well-known as “Dad.” The Irish-American gibbs is famed for his memorable films and charming persona, yet he’s also more dedicated to gift the dad of his five children: Sean Brosnan, Chris Brosnan, Dylan Brosnan, Paris Brosnan and also late daughter Charlotte Brosnan.

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The Die another Day star has been married double in his life. His very first marriage was with actress Cassandra Harris, whom he wed in 1980. The pair had actually one child, Sean, in 1983, and also the Mrs. Doubtfire star ended up being the dad that Cassandra’s larger kids, Charlotte and Chris, having embraced them adhering to their nuptials.


Sadly, Pierce ended up being a solitary father once Cassandra passed away in 1991 complying with a fight with ovarian cancer. Regardless of being heartbroken over Cassandra’s death, that stayed strong for your family and eventually, Pierce dropped in love through his 2nd spouse, Keely Shaye Smith.

The gold Globe nominee and also Keely bound the knot in 2001 and expanded his brood as soon as they invited their sons, Dylan and also Paris. Though there isn’t a day the goes by that Pierce no think that Cassandra, he is thankful come have created such a beautiful life with the Poisoning Paradise actress.


“You need to trust and also follow your heart, and shot to accomplish the finest people in life,” Pierce once specifically told Closer around finding love again. “When Keely looks at me, ns go weak. I love she vitality, she passion. She has actually this toughness that i wouldn’t be able to live without.”

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If it weren’t because that Keely, Pierce i will not ~ be the father of his younger boys. Because the brunette beauty is together a an excellent role model, he’s thankful to have Keely together the mom of his children. “I’m among those guys who to trust you need a strong woman in your life,” he gushed. “I discovered a an excellent woman in Keely … no if ns searched a million time over would certainly I uncover one together good.”


While most of your days are filled with happy times, Pierce is reminded of his darker job every now and also then. “I nothing look at the cup together half-full, think me,” that said, introduce to the casualty in his life. “The dark, melancholy Irish black color dog sits alongside me from time come time.”

But once it comes under to it, Pierce is, that course, all about his family — specifically his kids. “Being a father is a huge responsibility, but it’s a to solve one,” he marveled come Closer.

Scroll v the gallery listed below to learn much more about Pierce’s children!


Sean Brosnan

Pierce’s an initial child landed on September 13, 1983. Sean has taken the Hollywood route prefer his dad, starring in films and also shows prefer Acts that Violence, Don Peyote, My Fare Lady and also No simple Days. He’s likewise found himself behind the camera, directing movies, consisting of My father Die, Face the C and also The Kid.

In regards to his personal life, Sean bound the knot with other actress Sanja Banic in 2014. The couple shares one child, Marley might Cassandra, whom they invited in 2015.

Looking ago on exactly how successful Sean has actually become, Pierce proved just how much proud he has when he shared a emotional tribute for his kid’s birthday in September 2021. Uploading a couple of throwback image on Instagram, the Misfits alum penned, “Happy birthday, Sean. We have actually traveled far together, my dear son. Ns am therefore proud that the man and father you have become and also the kid that I host in my heart always. Love, Dad.”


Charlotte Brosnan

Charlotte — that was born top top November 27, 1971 — showed up in a few movies in the mid-’90s before putting her acting career in the backseat. She married Alex Smith in 2007, and they had actually two kids, Isabella and Lucas.

Sadly, Charlotte died in 2013 adhering to a battle with ovarian cancer favor her mother. “My darling daughter Charlotte Emily pass on to eternal life, having succumbed to ovarian cancer,” Pierce said in a statement at the time. “Charlotte battled her cancer v grace and humility, courage and dignity. Our hearts are hefty with the ns of our beautiful to ~ girl.”

Christopher Brosnan

Pierce’s adopted son Christopher, who came down on November 11, 1972, has functioned as an assistant manager on many film sets, including some the his dad’s movies like GoldenEye, Tomorrow never ever Dies and also The people Is not Enough. For the most part otherwise, Christopher has actually stayed out of the spotlight.

Dylan Brosnan

Pierce welcomed his kid Dylan through Keely ~ above January 13, 1997. Dylan is fairly busy these days, as he is a model and also has worked with Burberry, Saint Laurent and much more top fashion brands.

The young man, who additionally happens to be a cinematographer, learned at the USC school of Cinematic Arts. Dylan has also interned because that Senator Ed Markey. It’s quite clear that he has a really bright future ahead of him.

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Paris Brosnan

Just prefer his large brother Dylan, Paris — who came down on February 27, 2001 — is paving a career together a model, yet he also finds time to focus on gift a philanthropist and also filmmaker. In may 2019, he recorded his pilgrimage to Sri Lanka and highlighted the work being done there by the UN human being Food Programme to help raise awareness about childhood hunger.

Paris, together with his huge brother Dylan, were also ambassadors in ~ the 2020 gold Globes. The Brosnans are one talented crew!