Diddy has six children (5 biological kids and 1 stepson). They are 26-year-old Justin, 22-year-old Christian, 14-year-old Chance, 13-year-old pair D’Lila and also Jessie, and also Diddy’s stepson, 29-year-old Quincy Brown.

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2. How countless ‘baby mamas’ does he have?

Diddy had actually six children with three various women. Diddy had actually Justin v his ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton, a fashion designer who has actually styled because that artists such as Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and also Mary J. Blige. Diddy had actually Chance v his longtime associate buy it Chapman and also had Christian, D’Lila, and also Jessie through his ex-girlfriend, the so late Kim Porter. Kim Porter had actually Quincy native a previous partnership with singer Al B. Sure!.


3. How and what did Kim Porter die from?

On November 15th, 2018, Kim Porter was tragically found dead in her home, having actually passed away from pneumonia at 47. In 2019, Diddy told human being Kim’s final request to him prior to her death.

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“Three days before she passed, she wasn’t emotion well,” recalled Diddy. “She had the flu, and also she sent out the children over to my home so they wouldn’t obtain sick… One night i was checking on her, and also she to be like, ‘Puffy, take care of mine babies.’ She actually said that to me before she died.”

4. Are any of his children following in his footsteps?

Yes. Christian Combs models and also raps under the phase name King Combs. D’Lila and also Jessie additionally have modeling careers. Quincy is a singer and also an actor, having showed up on FOX’s Starand in films such as Dope and Brotherly Love. Justin, Quincy, and Christian likewise are joining your father on the upcoming reboot that his MTV display Making the Band.

6. Did Diddy and also Cassie have kids together?

No. Diddy and also singer Cassie Ventura began dating in 2007, yet they damaged up in 2018. Cassie married an individual trainer Alex good in 2019, and also they welcomed their daughter, Frankie Fine, in December 2019. ~ above hearing that Cassie’s pregnancy, he posted a photo of Cassie and Alex and congratulated her, writing in the caption: “Congratulations