(American television host)

Nicole Curtis is a host in HGTV and also DIY Network. She gift the present for house improvement, Rehab Addict. Nicole was formerly married and has two children.

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She has operated as a waitress at Hooters. She started hosting a popular reality present Rehab Addict in 1990.

There she promoted the preservation and also restoration of ‘existing architecture over demolition’.

The present gained more popularity and also positive reviews from viewers and also critics. Curtis likewise founded the ‘Nicole Curtis Foundation’ which works to collection funds and serve orphan, poor, and also homeless people.

Nicole Curtis: Salary, net Worth

Nicole Curtis has a net worth of $7 million according come the sources.

According come the sources, the average salary of an HGTV organize is approximated to be $74,608.

Nicole Curtis: Rumors, Controversy

Nicole Curtis’ relationships with she parents and also brother room estranged. Her parents look down at her and her mother has said the Nicole is a difficult person to deal with. She had tried come hide her second pregnancy in bizarre ways.

She lied come a neighborhood in Minneapolis about fixing a house. Moreover, she has been into controversies because of her bitter connections with she parents, brother, ex-husband, and also ex-partner.

The custody battle for 2nd son Harper through her ex-partner Shane Maguire is ongoing. Nicole’s mother has filed a restraining order versus her. Nicole has additionally been endangered by a Judge through a prison term.

She has actually been accused of faking her relations with her elder child on TV. She had actually tried come hide and also kidnap her kid Harper indigenous his father.

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Nicole Curtis: body Measurements

Nicole Curtis: social Media Profile

She has much more than 1 million pendant on Facebook. She has an ext than 132k pendant on Twitter and has much more than 267k pendant on Instagram.

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