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Mike Tyson has six organic kids, and also calls himself a father to his 2nd wife’s daughter, follow to new York times Magazine, making the a father of seven.

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The former professional boxer has actually been married three times, and also has youngsters with three women, not all of whom he married. Tyson is claimed to it is in close to every one of his kids; Mikey Lorna, 31, Rayna, 25, Amir, 22, Miguel, 18, Milan, 12, and Morocco, 9.

Tyson didn’t have any children v his first wife, Robin Givens; the two were married for about one year. That did, however, go on to have a daughter named Mikey with his girl friend Kimberly Scarborough, a couple of year after he and also Givens split.

In 1997, Tyson married Monica Turner. The then-couple welcomed two children together — a son named Amir and also a daughter named Rayna. Tyson and Turner split in 2003, and he went on to date Sol Xochitl. They had actually two kids together, a son named Miguel and a daughter called Exodus. Exodus passed away in 2009, once she was 4-years-old following an accident at home. You have the right to read much more about this below.

Tyson remarried in 2009, just a couple of months after Exodus died. He has been married to his 3rd wife, Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer, ever since. The couple has two youngsters together, a daughter named Milan and a kid they named Morocco.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mikey Lorna Is a model & Amir Is the CEO that a apparel Brand

Tyson’s oldest daughter, Michael Tyson, or Mikey Lorna, go by Miki Tee, according to she Instagram account. She is reasonably active on social media and, follow to Sportskeeda, she is a plus-size model. In November 2016, she extended Queen dimension magazine. ~ above the within pages, she questioned “her weight loss journey and breaking right into the fashion world.”

Tyson’s oldest son, Amir, is the CEO that a garments brand referred to as Debonair Attire, follow to Instagram. Amir has also done some acting. Not lot is known about his larger sister, Rayna, who lives her life out of the general public eye, follow to essentially Sports.

Miguel Tyson also lives a reasonably private life, however he has actually trained through his dad indigenous time-to-time. Follow to essentially Sports, Miguel has no plans come “enter the ring.”

Mike Tyson is particularly close to his youngest 2 children, Milan and Morocco. He has tendency to save the children off of society media and also shielded from the general public eye as lot as possible, due to the fact that they are both tho school-aged.

Tyson’s Daughter Exodus died at period 4

Today in History. Mike Tyson"s 4yr old daughter Exodus breathed her last on 27th may 2009 after a disastrous accident in which she neck got recorded in a treadmill cord. That is alleged she slipped while playing She was placed on life support yet never regained her consciousness. RIP Exodus

— Aupal Emmanuel 🇺🇬 (
AupalEmmanuel) may 27, 2020

Tyson has fathered eight kids, yet his daughter Exodus was tragically killed at the period of 4. Exodus passed away on may 26, 2009, ~ accidentally hanging it s her from a treadmill cord in she home, according to abc News.

“Somehow, she was play on this treadmill, and also there’s a cord the hangs under the console; it’s type of a loop. One of two people she slipped or placed her head in the loop, yet it acted like a noose, and she to be obviously unable to acquire herself turn off of it,” police sergeant Andy Hill said at the time.

Exodus was in the playroom while she mother, sol Xochitl, was cleaning the house. Exodus was discovered by her 7-year-old brother, who alerted their mother. She promptly called 911, before starting CPR, abc News reports.

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The child was rushed to a neighborhood hospital and also placed ~ above life support. She died a quick while later. Tyson released the adhering to statement to thank fans for their support following the tragedy.

“The Tyson household would choose to prolong our deepest and most heartfelt many thanks for all your prayers and also support, and we questioning that we be enabled our privacy at this daunting time. There are no native to define the tragic ns of ours beloved Exodus.”