Michael Douglas to be born into Hollywood royalty, the kid of the legend actor Kirk Douglas. And also now in ~ 76-years-old, he deserve to look earlier on his very own sterling job that has actually netted him two Academy Awards and five gold Globe Awards.

Married twice, Douglas has three kids, 42-year-old Cameron, 20-year-old Dylan, and 17-year-old Carys.

Cameron, his only child through his first wife Diandra Luker has had a unstable ride, safety time in prison on drug-related charges.

Douglas" children with his second wife Catherine Zeta-Jones appear to have had a far better time of it. Political activist Dylan Douglas was, before lockdown, attending Brown University. And 17-year-old Carys? She"s a budding fashionista and also considering a career in medicine.

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So, let"s have actually a look at Michael Douglas" 3 children and see what they have actually been increase to.

Cameron Douglas - Born 1978

as soon as he to be a kid, Cameron watched his father Michael"s party-hard, occasionally drug-fuelled, cheating lifestyle. It brought an finish to his marital relationship to Cameron"s mother Diandra Luker. In 1992, rumors that Michael"s affair with his Basic Instincts co-star Sharon stone was the speak of Hollywood. It acquired so negative that Diandra sent Michael off to sex-addict therapy.

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Michael Douglas" love the pot back then is fine known. It"s rumored the love that the weed carried him and his still-best buddy, Danny DeVito, with each other in the 1960s.

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Cameron started using medicine himself when he was just 13-years-old. He even took to handle drugs together a method of capital his habit. In 2009 he to be busted because that possession the a half-pound that methamphetamine, charged through dealing, and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Michael Douglas put his hand up and admitted that he had collection a bad example because that Cameron, the he had been a "bad father". Prison, he said, would provide Cameron a opportunity to get clean. Just thing was, the didn"t. While within he was captured with medicine he had bought from one more inmate and also had one more 4 1/2 years added to his sentence.

After serving 7 years, he was released from jail in 2016.

and also he appears to have turned his life around. The is follow an exhilaration career and has two youngsters with long-time love Viviane Thibes.

and Cameron has actually written a frank, moral memoir about his life and his struggle with drugs called Long method Home. In it, the details his dysfunctional childhood and also his father"s party-hard, cheating ways. Michael claims he support Cameron"s decision to compose the book, even though he claims it makes for ache reading.

much more important come Cameron 보다 just around anything else, he and also his dad are start to finally build a good, solid relationship. He has actually nothing but praise because that the assistance he has actually received native Michael and step-mom Catherine Zeta-Jones during his long struggle with drug addiction. His lot beloved, currently deceased, grandpa Kirk ("Pappy") even visited him in prison.

the the visit, that said: "I"m so impression by Pappy, and touched. He"s ninety-three, and also he"s come all the means from California to see me." Kirk asked him if the was gaining into fights with other inmates. Cameron sheepishly admitted the was. Kirk asked him if he won much more than the lost. And also when Cameron claimed he did, Kirk beamed and said "That"s my boy".

Dylan Douglas - Born 2000

Dylan Douglas is 20-years-old and, before lockdown, was a student at Brown University. His dad Michael and also mom Catherine made decision to relocate to Bermuda after ~ he to be born. Why? Well, they wanted to protect him native the pressure of having rich and also famous parents. Eventually, the family members moved ago to brand-new York therefore Dylan could attend a special-needs college to assist him address his dyslexia.

and young Dylan is miscellaneous of a politics activist, co-founding make Room Now, a Political action Committee ("PAC"). Do Room currently raises money privately in bespeak to support candidates that they believe in. They newly supported the successful candidacies of democracy Jon Ossoff and also Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate run-offs.

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Carys Douglas - Born 2003

Born in 2003, Carys Douglas is 17-years-old. While quiet in high school, she is considering a job in medicine. She swears that while the household was life in Bermuda, she had no idea she dad to be a renowned actor.

She has said: “I assumed my dad to be a pancake maker. I didn’t recognize he to be an actor. Honestly.” It to be only when the family moved back to brand-new York the she realized he to be rich and also famous.

when in lockdown, Carys and also Dylan have become really close. And Michael has actually said that the lockdown carried the household closer together.

and also Carys has adhered to in her renowned mom"s footsteps and done a bit of modeling.

critical year, Thanksgiving to be a unique time, pass the whole family with each other for a festive feast.

and then 2 days prior to Christmas, the household had much more to celebrate as soon as Cameron Douglas and also his partner Viviane Thibes invited their 2nd child, a son they called Ryder.

~ Cameron"s medicine problems and also imprisonment, the household seems to have come together and won through. Michael Douglas is one really proud dad and also granddad this days.

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