Martina McBride attends the 53rd yearly CMA Awards in ~ the Music City center on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by man Shearer/WireImage,)

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Martina McBride is a legendary nation music superstar, a singer-songwriter and a record producer, but, come her three kids, she"s recognized as "mom." McBride and also her long-time husband, man McBride, just commemorated 33 year of marriage. The 2 live in Nashville whereby they raised theirthree beautiful daughtersDelaney McBride, Emma Justine McBride and also Ava McBride.

Delaney McBride was born on December 22, 1994. Delaney simply graduated native massage therapy school and also now works as a license is granted massage therapist. The ACM winner mutual a touching article for she daughter"s birthday: "You space a beautiful light. You space caring, funny, and kind. You find joy in basic things and also yet you are anything however simple. You space a complex young woman, a deep thinker, and also a spiritual seeker. You are a gypsy, an adventurer, and a complimentary spirit. You are a caretaker, a great friend, sister, and also daughter. You space a healer, a great listener, a giver."

In a more recent post, Martina common that Delaney has actually "the most musical laugh and also the finest smile," she continued, "I love friend sweet girl. Every the parts of you. Always."

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Emma righteousness McBride to be born on in march 29, 1998. Keeping up through the family business, Emma plan on having actually a job in the to chat industry. She currently lives in brand-new York City and is follow an exhilaration career. Martina freshly posted a beautiful tribute because that Emma"s date of birth stating, "Happy date of birth to this girl! my heart. While i wish you were little again sometimes and I could scoop you up in my arms or review you a book, or watch you walk approximately in dress up clothes and your "tappy shoes," I"m proud the the life you space building and also the mrs you room becoming. Ns hope this 23rd year is your ideal yet. I have a good feeling about it. Ns love girlfriend Emma."

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Ava McBride to be born ~ above June 21, 2005. The CMA winner posted a long, beautiful post on Ava"s birthday around her "old soul" and how "she is therefore wise and stands for what she believes to it is in true." top top the exact same post, Martina common this emotional story:

"At the finish of last year I acquired a really great offer to carry out a show on this date. Ns talked v her around it and she claimed to take it the booking, probably envisioning the she would be celebrating through her friends. Fine life has actually a funny means of how amazing you sometimes and also I have to say ns was so grateful to be with her today.... Life feeling a small precarious best now. Yet today we celebrated this beautiful human being being and I said many prayers that gratitude for getting to be the one to mom her. I love friend Ava. Happy Birthday."