Love at first laugh. Comedians Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence have actually made a pair of movie together, but they might come to be in-laws if all goes well. Their kids are dating.

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Eric Murphy, who parents space Eddie and his ex-girlfriend Paulette McNeely, is date Jasmin Lawrence, young name Lawrence’s an initial child, who he shares v ex-wife Patricia Southall. Martin also has 2 younger daughters with ex-wife Shamicka Gibbs while Eddie is the dad to nine other children.


Eric Murphy and Jasmin Lawrence. Courtesy Jasmin Lawrence/Instagram

Jasmin, 25, mutual multiple selfies with Eric to celebrate his 32nd date of birth via Instagram ~ above Sunday, July 10.

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“Happy birthday, mine love! i’m so very blessed to know you, come love you, and also to have actually you by mine side,” she composed in the caption. “Cheers come many more blessings, laughs, and beautiful memories! i love girlfriend so much!!