Mark Wahlberg has actually a long list of top Hollywood roles that he is so proud of, yet nothing lamp him up quite favor being a dad to his four kids. The Oscar nominee is the dad that his lover children: Ella, Michael, Brendan and Grace.

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The Lone Survivor actor first experienced fatherhood once he and wife Rhea Durham welcomed their eldest child, daughter Ella Rae, in 2003. The pair had however to tie the knot, yet they increased their family when son Michael to be born in 2006, followed by Brendan in 2008.


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In July 2009, the Fighter star and also his brunette beauty stated “I do” in a luxurious wedding ceremony. The longtime twosome celebrated their romantic nuptials through welcoming your fourth and youngest child, daughter Grace, in 2010. Have the right to you say, instant family?!

Considering the Hollywood heartthrob is no stranger to share cute snapshots and also videos of his brood on society media, the no surprise he likewise gushes end them in interviews. When chatting through Redbook newspaper in September 2019, mark opened up around the difference in between being the father of daughters vs. Sons.


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“Having two daughters readjusted my perspective on a most things, and also I definitely have a newfound respect for women,” the Daddy’s Home star revealed at the time. As well as praising Grace and also Ella for being “very strong, smart and also independent,” he detailed how that “finally ended up being a great and real man” after having a daughter.

“Women don’t obtain the credit they deserve,” he defined to the outlet. “I was at my daughter’s ballet class, and I to be on the phone call making a business call and also watching she on the monitor, and I establish how tough it is come work and also be over there for her kids. As much as i’m concerned, yes no job an ext important top top the world than gift a mom.”


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While note can’t seem to say enough sweet things around his small girls, yes sir no doubt he loves gift a dad to his 2 sons. During an illustration on Today in January 2012, the Ted star explained why that takes fatherhood so seriously.

“If ns succeed together a businessman but fail together a father, then it’s every been for nothing,” he common at the time. “That’s by far the most important function that I’ll ever play in mine life — being a parent and being a husband.”

Scroll with the gallery below to gain to recognize Mark’s kids, Ella, Mike, Brendan and also Grace!

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Courtesy of Rhea Wahlberg/Instagram

Ella Rae Wahlberg

Can you believe Mark and also Rhea’s eldest boy is every grown up? Although the feels like simply yesterday when the lovebirds invited their tiny bundle of pleasure in 2003, Ella has conveniently blossomed into a gorgeous teenager.

In fact, the proud papa opened up around raising his eldest son while preventing by Jimmy Kimmel Live! in February 2020. Throughout his appearance, mark dished Ella no driving because of a “bad experience” entailing a golf cart and also lava during a family vacation.

“We were driving in a golf cart, and we’re an alleged to be remaining on the course both sides space lava, and also then ns told her, ‘Slow down roughly the corner,"” that recalled. “She didn’t. She’s acquired music playing and also everything and all of a sudden, she beginning to go up top top the lava and she accurate bails out of the dare … leaving me.”

The Academy award nominee stated although that wasn’t hot lava, rather “dry, sharp, dangerous lava,” Ella has not inquiry to drive since. “Before that, it to be like, ‘Dad, allow me take your car, let’s just drive roughly the neighborhood."”

Though she might be doubtful to get behind the wheel, note revealed Ella has currently started dating. Recalling the moment he inquiry to satisfy one the his daughter’s suitors, the gibbs joked about how he to be one-upped by the young man.

“I was like, ‘I desire to meet this kid’,"” the safety dad recalled top top The Graham Norton Show in February 2021. “I desire to accomplish him and then you have the right to hang out through him in a safe environment, and also she to be like, ‘What’s a for sure environment, dad?’ … whatever is attitude.”

According to Mark, Ella’s date was already one action ahead. “All the a sudden, this child comes over and also he one-ups me … he brings his mom!” the quipped. “The genius thing is he was so sweet, and also is like, steamrolling me all the time. And also he’s see it, favor she’s gift rude come me and also she’s being median to me and he’s like, ‘if you’re no nice come , he may not want to be around you."”


Michael Wahlberg

Mark’s 2nd child, Michael, arrived in 2006. Michael has actually yet to monitor in his dad’s acting footsteps, however it shows up he may have a future together an athlete. The Departed star called People about how both the his sons room “obsessed with every little thing sports.”

“The an initial thing out of your mouths in the morning when their eyes space barely open up is, ‘Dad, did the Clippers win?"” he when dished. This comes as no surprised considering Mark and also Rhea are often spotted the end and about at Michael’s sporting activities games and also practices.

The Infinite actor has actually cheered his boys on plenty of times in the past, yet Mark revealed the factor he began watching Michael and also Brendan play sporting activities from his car. “Me gift in the general public eye, there are pros to that, but there’s a the majority of cons,” he defined to ET in July 2021. “My youngsters want to have their own identity, friend know? i’m not permitted to get out that the car at football exercise or a game. Ns gotta sit in the car and watch.”

Though the shift was “very difficult,” mark knows the a good decision because that his family. “At very first I take it it personally, because I desire to be over there to support them, but supporting castle is by do them feeling comfortable in what lock doing and them having their own identity too,” he shared.

Brendan Wahlberg

Born in 2008, Brendan is not only Mark’s spitting image, but he loves doing everything with his dad too! The handsome actor often gives pan glimpses inside his father-son bond through Brendan via Instagram. ~ above September 16, 2021, he invited Brendan into his teenage years with a sweet picture of self hugging his son.

Mark confirmed Brendan is adhering to in his fitness footsteps as he’s mutual a handful of videos functioning out through his mini-me. “My little guy joining the routine #inspiredtobebetter,” that captioned a article from November 2019.

The Ted star also showed turn off his youngster’s impressive an abilities as he post a video clip of Brendan law a pull-up. “Team training,” he captioned the video of him and also Rhea cheering their kiddo on.

In addition to boasting around his fun-filled days through his small man, note isn’t shy as soon as it pertains to gushing end him too. “Me and my boy!” the hunk composed alongside a pic the him and also Brendan the town hall the Super key one year.


Grace Margaret Wahlberg

There’s no doubt mark shares a one-of-a-kind bond with his youngest daughter, that made she arrival in 2010. Besides accompanying her famous father on funny outings favor trips come the golf course, elegant loves play outside and also being outdoors.

Impressively, grace is already a compete horseback rider. In September 2018, note shared the cutest photograph of his youngster holding up 2 blue ribbons when donning her riding gear. “Grace won 1st place in both she competitions,” the captioned the post. In the above photo native September 4, 2021, mark wrote in the caption, “Trying to provide her some advice and a couple of tips however she doesn’t need it!! She ROCKS. She and also Daisy, what a team,” gushing around Grace and her horse.

The Boston native also uploaded a pic with Grace and Rhea following a competition in September 2018. “Congrats to my baby Grace on placing first!” that gushed in ~ the time. You go, Grace!

Considering both his daughters are quickly cultivation up, it won’t be long before Mark is forced to concerned terms through them starting to date. Despite he still has some time as soon as it concerns Grace, the Pain and also Gain gibbs joked about the an overwhelming stage that fatherhood.

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“I’m dreading the teenage years through my daughters; it’s not going to be simple for them to go on a date,” he once shared with People.