We can’t help falling in love v Lisa Marie Presley‘s renowned family. The lovely singer-songwriter gone into the world a renowned baby in 1968 thanks to parents Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley. Fast forward come today and also now she has actually a big, mixed brood of she own!

Lisa Marie an initial experienced motherhood once she welcomed daughter Riley Keough in may 1989, alongside husband Danny Keough. The couple, who tied the node in 1988, invited their second child, son Benjamin Keough, in October 1992. The doting mom and also American singer called it quits by 1994.

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Following she divorce native Danny, Lisa Marie discovered love again with 2nd husband Michael Jackson, who she was married come from 1994 to 1996. The former pair never had any kind of children together and the actress eventually moved on once she walked down the aisle with third husband Nicolas Cage in 2002. Lisa Marie and also the National Treasure star to be separated by 2004.

It came time because that the “Lights Out” songstress to expand her family when she married 4th husband Michael Lockwood in 2006. Throughout their almost 10-year marriage, Lisa Marie and also the skilled guitarist became the proud parental of pair daughters Finley Lockwood and also Harper Lockwood. However, lock went their separate methods in 2016.


“I’m very, very much a very strong and extreme lioness mother,” Lisa Marie shared, follow to the Huffington Post. “I’m very, an extremely protective No. 1. Also, want to be their friend and protect them, but also get them come learn exactly how to live in the world that we’re living in.”

Scroll through the gallery listed below to find out all around Lisa Marie Presley’s 4 kids.


Riley Keough

Lisa and also Danny welcomed their an initial child, daughter Riley, on may 29, 1989. Perhaps the most famed of Lisa’s kids, the brunette beauty is an actress and also a model. She’s starred in movies like Earthquake Bird and Logan Lucky, and also appeared in hit movies prefer Magic Mike and Mad Max: rage Road. Riley likewise acted in TV series including the Girlfriend Experience and Riverdale.

Riley is additionally a big deal on Instagram. Whether she sharing sexy selfies or maintaining fans up to day with she Hollywood projects, there’s no doubt she keeps she over 300 thousand pendant entertained with her content.

Like she career, the star is just as effective in her personal life. She bound the knot with husband Ben Smith-Petersen in 2015.


Benjamin Keough

Lisa Marie as soon as commented on her son’s striking same to his grandfather.

“He go ! He was at the Opry and also was the quiet storm behind the stage,” she called CMT. “Everybody rotate around and also looked once he to be over there. Everybody to be grabbing him because that a photo since it is just uncanny. Occasionally I to be overwhelmed once I look in ~ him.”

Unfortunately, Benjamin died on July 12, 2020. “She is entirely heartbroken, inconsolable and beyond devastated yet trying to stay strong for she 11-year-old twins and her earliest daughter Riley. She adored that boy. He to be the love of she life,” Lisa Marie’s rep, Roger Widynowski, said Closer in a statement.

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood

In 2008, Lisa Marie invited twin daughters Harper and carefully with then-husband Michael. Considering the small girls are still young, it isn’t often that they room spotted out and about. Luckily, proud Grandma Priscilla can’t help but divulge sweet details around her 2 granddaughters.

“I can’t think they space so smart ,” she when told Us Weekly. “I mean, they deserve to handle the phone much better than i can. Lock know just how to Google already, they know exactly how to attract things and characters, and also oh, my gosh. Castle just tiny girls suffering life and also having fun.”

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

“I think they’re rather talented actually,” Priscilla likewise shared ~ above the Today show in august 2019. “They to be in ballet and dance class and also opera, therefore they’re testing the waters a small bit.”

We can’t wait to clock Harper and Finley grow up!

Rare Photo

Lisa shared a rare picture featuring all four of her daughters while celebrating her date of birth in February 2021.

“Thank girlfriend for every one of the overwhelming birthday wishes native everyone. Like every day, ns couldn’t have actually made it through without these three by mine side. ~ LMP,” she captioned the photo via Instagram.

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