Among the many TV shows, only a variety of them make a significant impact on huge audiences. One of them is the sitcom King of Queens top top CBS. The series stars Kevin James, Leah Remini, and also Lisa Rieffel. 

Remini initially passed ~ above the possibility to appear on the show. James convinced her to shoot the pilot episode. Remini played one of the prominent personalities throughout the series. As soon as she obtained pregnant, the studio had actually to uncover a way to explain her farming belly.

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‘King that Queens’ is a sitcom about a married couple

Leah Remini paid an emotionally tribute to her on-screen dad, Jerry Stiller, after his damaging death. Https://

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First airing in 1998, King the Queens was a hit series throughout the early-2000s. The display had nine seasons and concluded in 2007. In ~ the time, it was one of the longest-running sitcoms ~ above television. Millions of world tuned in for each season, critics gave the collection positive reviews. 

The premise concentrates on Doug Heffernan, whoworks as a parcel shipment man. The is married to Carrie, that is a legal secretary and has a quick temper. The couple lives in new York in addition to Carrie’s father, Arthur. Doug loves sports and also TV, and he is no afraid to air his complaints.

The show starts after the two of them obtain married. However, the collection is not continuous with the backstory of exactly how Doug and also Carrie met. The final season ends through Doug and also Carrie gaining prepared to have children.

Like plenty of other sitcoms, every episode attributes the main character scheming. Doug’s miscellaneous plans often tend to backfire and also land that in humorous situations. The personality hangs out with few of his friends, such as Deacon and also Spence.

Leah Remini had actually a daughter in the early-2000s


Leah Remini | Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

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Remini is a 50-year-old actor and also is active in the television industry currently. She met actor Angelo Pagán in 1996, and the pair tied the node in July 2003. Not just did she come to be the mommy of his three sons indigenous a previous relationship, yet she and Pagán had actually a child of their own. 

Toward the finish of 2003, Remini discovered out she was pregnant. The pregnancy developed while she to be still functioning on King the Queens but did not remove herself indigenous the season.

The actor invited a daughter right into the world in June 2004. She and also her husband called the boy Sofia, that would be Remini and Pagán’s just child together. 

When Remini was pregnant, she to be an active member the Scientology. The church reportedly does not place importance on family and also requires disconnection. However, the actor wanted to spend much more time with her daughter. It was among the factors why she left the organization. 

Carrie lost her job as soon as Leah Remini gained pregnant

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While Remini to be pregnant with her daughter, she still appeared in illustration of King that Queens. It is not uncommon for TV mirrors to hide the bellies of pregnant actors. Often, the creators find ways to attain their goals. 

According to display screen Rant, Remini was expecting her child throughout season 6 of the series. The writers chose to write a storyline whereby Carrie shed her job. She typically sits around the house while eat food. The present would have an explanation because that the star’s weight get instead that trying to hide her stomach through props. 

The actor later opened up about the backlash for the 80-pound weight acquire while she to be expecting her daughter in 2004. “No one wanted to talk around how I in reality did lose the weight, simply that I obtained fat,” she said People, reports us Magazine, in 2007. “When you have a baby and also you space not blessed with a management the you deserve to get back into your blue jeans the really next day, it becomes something to focus on. Ns don’t also blame the papers. They space making money native it. However the people who space buying it?”

It may have been less complicated for the producers to usage a pregnancy storyline for the character. Mental Floss reports that the studio walk not desire the married pair to have children until the very end. The reason was they go not desire to day the episodes as either pre-baby or post-baby.

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The studio was concerned that dating the present would hurt its syndication. Instead, lock left Carrie’s pregnancy announcement for the series finale.