How many children does Kim Kardashian have? Kim Kardashian is still among the most renowned celebrities in the last decade. She married artist and also rapper Kanye West in 2014, a little under a year ~ their first child was born. No too long after that, they welcomed their 2nd child.

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Everything appeared to go well for the pair for the next pair of years v two an ext children. Till this year, that is. Beforehand in February 2021, Kardashian and also West official filed because that divorce.

There is sad news because that Hollywood but an even challenging time because that their cultivation children. Both reps of the couple said the while the 2 will no much longer be working on your marriage, they will certainly still raise the youngsters as finest they deserve to together.

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Their divorce is getting to a close to settlement, but no public announcement has been released yet. Your four children will be under share physical custody. In the meantime, gain to know an ext about the Kardashian-West offsprings by reading down below.

Keeping up v the Kardashians in 2021

my favourite show and also family, i can't believe this is the last illustration of maintaining up through the Kardashians.I love them ❤️