He might be a super successful actor, yet Kevin Costner is additionally a dad to seven wonderful youngsters — and he loves having actually a big, blended family! The Yellowstone gibbs is the dad the his daughters, Annie, Lily and also Grace, and also sons, Joe, Liam, Cayden and also Hayes, indigenous three various relationships.

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Though Kevin has actually opened up about the challenge of having actually “two set of children” in ~ times, he wouldn’t have actually it any type of other way. In fact, Kevin has adjusted to the difficulties that come together with having a 26-year age gap between his eldest and also youngest kiddos.

“As children interact together, there’s always this little bit of, ‘Do you treatment for us currently as much as you execute them?’ That’s simply a natural thing the happens, and also you need to talk about how large love is,” that told Mom.com in 2015. “The capacity to be able to love someone else doesn’t median there’s much less love because that you. Love seems to be constantly able to hang on to together many world as needs to it is in in that circle.”

Kevin provided his adoration only grew for his children as he invited one after ~ the next. Due to the fact that he cared for them deeply, he had actually to have a sit-down conversation v Annie, Lily, Joe and Liam around any “jealousy” the may have actually existed in the family.


“I usually reminded the they were going to have twice as lengthy with me top top this planet,” the Field that Dreams star said. “I said, ‘Look, they’re not going to have actually what girlfriend had,’ and also at that point, they all just taken on each other.”

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Every among Kevin’s youngsters is different, but he can’t assist but laugh at few of the funny points his youngest daughter, Grace, does. Throughout an illustration on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2015, the Oscar winner hilariously recalled a time Grace put him in his place.


i was watching black color or White and there’s this moment where i’m coming the end of a swimming pool … and also she came in and sat next to me … and she goes, ‘Dad, you’ve obtained a fat belly!"” the jokingly said. “And ns tried to describe to her character development, that ns was walking to be grandpa .”

Check out the gallery listed below to meet Kevin’s seven kids!


Annie Costner

Kevin and his very first wife, Cindy Costner, welcomed their eldest child, Annie, in April 1984. Annie currently works in Hollywood together a movie director, producer and also actress. Follow to IMDb, she’s produced El Cartel Cubano, ESPN 30 because that 30: Bump, Spike and The Discarded: A tale of 2 Rios, and also she’s additionally acted in Dances v Wolves, Waterworld and also more.

As for her an individual life, Annie has been married to her husband, Danny Cox, due to the fact that 2016.


Lily Costner

Kevin and also Cindy — that married in 1978 — welcomed their daughter Lily in respectable 1986. Just like her famous dad, Lily is an actress. She starred in some good movies choose The Baby-Sitters Club, The Postman and also Black or White.

Lily has actually yet to obtain married, but it shows up she’s in a serious partnership with a male named Aaron. In honor of her beau’s birthday in may 2020, Lily uploaded the sweet tribute, writing, “I’m head end heels for ya, babe. So lucky and also grateful.”


Joe Costner

Kevin and Cindy welcomed their son, Joe, in January 1988. Their youngest son’s bear came 6 years before the couple divorced in 1994.

If you can not guess, Joe additionally works in Hollywood as an actor. That starred alongside Lily in the 1997 film The Postman. He’s also appeared in Tin Cup, and also has credit transaction in the sound department for the brief film Oasis.

Liam Costner

Following his divorce from Cindy, Kevin broadened his household when the met his girlfriend Bridget Rooney. The couple welcomed their kid Liam in November 1996. Unlike his larger siblings, Liam has actually stayed the end of the spotlight for most of his life, and he has actually yet to pursue a showbiz career.

Cayden Costner

Kevin and also his current wife, Christine Baumgartner, invited their eldest son together, Cayden, in might 2007. The lovebirds married the year earlier in 2004.

Hayes Costner

The heartthrob and Christine included to their household when their boy Hayes arrived in February 2009. Back Hayes, as well as his older brother Cayden, are still too young to monitor in their dad’s footsteps, they have occupied the on a couple of red carpet outings.

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Grace Costner

Kevin’s youngest child, Grace, was born in June 2010. Uneven his larger kids, Kevin admitted Grace and her big brothers are “not really” aware of what he does for a living. Hopefully, one day they’ll uncover out their dad is a superstar!

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