ACTRESS Kelly Ripa and her husband mark Consuelos married in 1996, a year after ~ co-starring ~ above the ABC collection All mine Children.

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The pair co-starred together Mateo Santos (Consuelos) and Hayley Vaughan (Ripa) in all My youngsters from the 1990s until 2010.


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How many youngsters does Kelly Ripa have actually with husband note Consuelos?

Ripa and Consuelos have actually three children together, their two sons Michael Joseph and also Joaquin Antonio, and also their daughter Lola Grace.

The couple have bumped heads through their daughter Lola in the past, who has actually criticized her parents' social media posts.

Lola, 19, dubbed her mom's "belfie" posts "ridiculous," and said she ignores she father's "thirst trap photos" in an interview v People.

Ripa replied: "I thought you were going to say ns shouldn't article thirst trap pictures of her dad."

Ripa and also her husband mark Consuelos have actually three children togetherCredit: Getty

Lola responded: "That's disgusting.

"I block that out of mine mind. I forgot the you even did that. I don't also know if ns follow girlfriend on Instagram still! I'm kidding, I would certainly never."

One the the short articles that Lola was referring to was a shot Kelly post of her husband mirroring off his abs together he floated in the pool.

The Live through Kelly and also Ryan host captioned the shot: "Sunday vibes."

The inscription included a water emoji and the hashtag #daddy.

Meanwhile, Ripa has been known to share butt selfies on she Instagram account.

As for Lola's 49-year-old dad, Ripa regularly shares steamy picture of that shirtless.

Lola additionally had some advice to aid her mother enhance her social media presence.

The pair often bang heads with their daughter Lola over your social media postsCredit: Getty

She said: "Something my mom write-ups on social media that ns would never is the comments back to the haters."

Ripa, 49, justified she actions and also said: "But that's why civilization follow me!"

Lola replied: "I understand. Yet I just don't also think you should provide them the moment of day. I typical these world are sit at residence wishing they were you."

On august 30, 2021, Ripa revealed the the pair to be empty nesters after dropping their youngest kid Joaquin Consuelos turn off at college.

The couple took to Instagram come share a sad-looking photo.

"So far we are crushing this empty nest thing," Kelly captioned the Aug. 29 post, along with a sad face and spiral eyes emojis.

The couple's oldest son, Michael, 24, commented on the post, "I almost had no doubt."

Joaquin, 18, will join the college of Michigan this fall and has secured a spot on the wrestling team.

Their daughter Lola, 20, plan to sign up with the exact same college on her junior year.

Did Kelly Ripa just adopt a dog?

During an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ripa surprised fans v news the her and also her husband embraced a brand-new furry pet.

Ripa adopted a Maltese/ Shih Tzu mix puppy the was featured as an adoptable pet on Live's Happy pet segment on in march 8.

The addition to their family now join Chewie, the family’s other rescue pup.

Prior come adopting Lena, Ripa and Consuelos wanted come make sure the puppy got acclimated come her brand-new environment and got in addition to Chewie.

Ripa spoke around the fostering after announcing that on the show, saying: “My whole fear to be that i didn't want Chewie come feel replaced in any type of way."

The host additionally announced the she had the ability to train Lena with dog trainer Andrea Arden.

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What is Kelly Ripa’s net worth?

Ripa is currently worth an estimated $120million, when husband is worth $40million, according to Celebrity network Worth.


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