Keith Richards is someone that isn"t specifically known for his exclusive life. Together a rocker, he"s spent many of his career on the road, touring cities and also countries from everywhere the civilization with The roll Stones. However as he has actually talked about fatherhood and the prestige of household in several interviews, let"s dive right into the family members he created.

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According to his memoir, "Life," Keith Richards has five children with his ex-partners Anita Pallenberg and also Patti Hansen, including his late daughter Tara, who died from sudden infant fatality syndrome in ~ 2 months old. And also while his job as among the greatest rockers ~ above the planet forced him to be on the road for in ~ least half of his life, that still played a prominent role as a dad at home. But simply how numerous grandchildren walk Richards have?

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Keith Richards could seem like someone who has actually a larger-than-life personality, however he"s additionally got a big family, too. Together with his adult children, he"s also the proud grandfather of five grandchildren, that revealed ~ above "The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon." His son Marlon has three children, when his daughter Angela has two. If Richards has certainly seen a lot and done a lot, thanks to his immense popularity and also celebrity status, he claimed that he"s become an ext of a household man with age. As he called BBC"s "Desert Island Discs," "I clock other people rebel now" — meaning he"s no longer interested in those late nights with the band and also the partying lifestyle.

In one interview with GQ, Richards likewise said the being a household man has definitely given him cool points. "I don"t treatment how cool and also hip and also whatever friend think friend are," the said, "You obtain down the line, baby, what counts is family. This is what ns did that for." while also admitting that children don"t need a perfect childhood to be happy. "It"s amazing what youngsters can it is adapted to. It every comes the end in the wash."

In a 2014 interview ~ above the musician revealed part details about his grandchildren. "One is 18 years old now and also modeling below in brand-new York and my youngest is six months old and happily crapping in his pants," he joked.

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In his interview on "The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon," Keith Richards admitted that he security his downtime watching cartoons v his grandchildren. In fact, he"s even written a children"s book called "Gus & Me: The Story of my Granddad and My an initial Guitar." as soon as the comedian said, "I can"t photo you together a granddad. Perform you sit down and also watch "Frozen" with the baby?" the rojo Stones rocker quipped, "If girlfriend can"t picture it, carry out you think i can?" before revealing the he go "different things" v each grandchild. 

And while it seems like Richards still has actually some time ahead of him before he i do not care a great-grandfather — prefer his pal Mick Jagger — he"s certainly enjoying his life off stage. V that said, over there aren"t many people out over there that deserve to say your papa — er, grandpa — to be a roll Stone, right?