KATHERINE Heigl has won lot of awards for her occupational in Grey's Anatomy, yet she'd say her biggest accomplishment is being a doting mom.

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The actress has said she always knew she wanted to be an adoptive parent, and in 2009 and also 2012 she do her dreams come true before having her own biological child.


Katherine Heigl has two adoptive daughters and also a biological son

How many youngsters does Katherine Heigl have?

Katherine Heigl has three kids - 12-year-old Naleigh, eight-year-old Adalaide, and three-year-old Joshua Bishop.

Heigl and also her husband mockery Kelley adopted Naleigh in September 2009, 10 month after she to be born in southern Korea on November 23, 2008.


Katherine and also her husband embraced their first child, Naleigh, from southern Korea in 2009Credit: Instagram

Her adoption came 10 month after she was born in November 2008Credit: Instagram

Three years later, the pair adopted their 2nd child Adalaide soon after her birth ~ above April 3, 2012.

Following 2 adoptions, Heigl announced on December 20, 2016 that she had given birth to your youngest kid Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr.



Naleigh poses in equivalent jackets v her sister AdalaideCredit: Instagram

“I’ve never been determined to suffer pregnancy,” she told People.

“But ns so grateful that i did. I think that if that hadn’t to be a surprise, ns not sure I would have actually done it."

She added: "It was an significant experience, that was sort of magical.”

Katherine announced in 2016 the she had offered birth come her very first biological child, Joshua Bishop, in 2016Credit: Instagram
Adalaide smiles and also hugs her brother JoshuaCredit: Instagram

Who is Katherine Heigl’s husband mock Kelley?

Josh Kelley is a nation singer that married Katherine Heigl In 2007.

The pair got engaged in 2006 and married the following December in ~ the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

He's recorded for Hollywood Records, Threshold Records and DNK documents as a popular music rock artist prior to making the move to country.

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Kelley originates from a household of musicians together his brother Charles is a member the the popular country trio Lady A.