Jon Bon Jovi‘s four children were born to follow in his remarkable footsteps. The iconic absent ‘n’ roller is the proud father of his adult children, Stephanie Bongiovi, Jesse Bongiovi, Jacob Bongiovi and also Romeo Bongiovi.

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Jon share his famous family with his longtime wife, Dorothea Hurley. The couple, who first met in 1980, bound the knot nine years later on in 1989. The “Livin’ on a Prayer” singer welcomed his very first child once Dorothea offered birth to your eldest daughter, Stephanie, in 1993.


Less than two years later, Jon and also Dorothea expanded their brood as soon as their kid Jesse arrived in 1995. They later completed their household with the birth of boy Jacob in 2002, adhered to by their youngest son, Romeo, in 2004.

Even despite Jon was traveling the human being for his legend career as a absent star while elevating his kids, he never let music gain in the way of his family. “It’s simply what i do, that not that I am,” that told People, explaining the he doesn’t take it his project too seriously. “I compose songs. I happen to be very good at performing them. That’s it.”


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The Grammy Winner’s eldest son, Jesse, echoed his dad’s sweet sentiments while specifically chatting through Closer Weekly in June 2019. Jesse said even though his dad was constantly on the road, that can’t aid but remember every the fun times they invested together at home.

“My favorite memory growing up is when me and also my youngest brother, Romeo, would certainly play my dad and middle brother, Jacob, in football,” he recalled. “We never lost!”

Jesse also revealed his dad’s best piece the advice. At the moment they introduced their father-son alcohol company, Hampton Water, in early 2019, the handsome hunk said Jon called him come “take time” and “be patient.”


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“I use that to all aspects of my life now, specifically when there’s critical decision to be made,” he explained to Closer. “Once that out, it’s out. It’s ideal to take your time come make certain it’s done exactly the way you want it since there’s no turning back.”

Jon is one remarkable performer, however he’s an even much better father!

Scroll through the gallery below to discover all around the singer’s four kids.

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Stephanie climbed Bongiovi

Jon and also Dorothea’s eldest child, Stephanie, come along on may 31, 1993. Although she has actually yet to seek a Hollywood career choose her father, she does take after Jon’s singing ability.

In 2017, the Slippery once Wet actor and also his daughter perform “I’ve obtained The Girl” — which is the song he created for Stephanie — throughout a concert. When he commonly played old home videos that Stephanie to sing the tune in the elevator on a substantial monitor, she joined she dad on phase instead.

Years earlier in 2012, Stephanie to be arrested on medicine charges after ~ a doubt overdose when she was attending Hamilton College. In ~ the time, she to be transported come the hospital ~ campus police uncovered her unconscious v a tiny amount of heroin in she possession.

The “It’s my Life” singer once opened up around the “horrible” suffer while chatting with The Mirror. “It to be my worst moment as a father,” he candidly mutual of the minute when he obtained a phone contact from his daughter in ~ the hospital at 2 a.m.

“The very first thing she stated ‘I’m alright,"” that recalled. “But climate she said, ‘This is what happened.’ … you wake up, you shake it off and also put her shoes on and also say, ‘OK, ns am on the method home."”

Stephanie’s dues were later dropped because of a local regulation in Kirkland, new York, whereby the for free arts university is located, that prohibits start of those who have experienced a medicine overdose. Nowadays, Stephanie is a model, per Glamour Path.


Jesse Bongiovi

Jon and also his wife’s 2nd child, Jesse, was born ~ above February 19, 1995. Due to the fact that he’s every grown up, Jesse has become quite successful prefer his father. Although he doesn’t sing, the businessman is one American wine entrepreneur.

Before Jesse launched Hampton Water v his dad in march 2019, that attended the college of Notre Dame in south Bend, Indiana. There, he play football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Jesse has completed a lot so much in his young life. When chatting with Closer, he attributed his father for pushing him past his lull zone.

“I think his pan probably recognize this, yet my dad is an incredibly hard worker,” Jesse gushed. “He would often wake me up in the summer come let me understand he simply finished a six-mile run. He works harder than anyone I’ve ever before met, and I think that shows.”

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi

The star’s 3rd son make his come on might 7, 2002. Although he is still young, it seems Jacob, who additionally goes by Jake, has numerous goals in life.

In June 2020, he commemorated his high college graduation by sharing a photograph in his cap and also gown together his dad. “Congrats, everyone,” Jake captioned the father-son snap.

Months earlier, Jon’s son revealed he would be attending Syracuse university in the autumn of 2020. “And they claimed it was impossible,” Jake wrote next to a photo with orange balloons.

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Like his older brother, Jake additionally loves play football. In addition, his Instagram reflects he likes to model, golf and also hang out v friends.