In the "80s, john Mellencamp had actually some the the biggest hits in the country, including songs prefer "Jack and Diane," "Hurts therefore Good," and "Pink Houses." Eventually, Mellencamp would go top top to knife 14 Grammy nominations. Mellencamp concerned music at a young age, starting a cover band v his friends called Crepe soul (via Biography). Mellencamp seemingly always had a rebellious streak; at only 18 the wed his girl friend Priscilla Esterline, that was 3 years his senior and pregnant v his child.

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The Mellencamps invited their daughter, Michelle, right into the human being on December 4, 1970, in Seymour, Indiana (via Glamour Path). Unfortunately, at the very same time that Mellencamp"s career was acquisition off, he and Priscilla to be falling out. The pair divorced, and Mellencamp would later go on to re-marry two more times, first to Vicky Granucci, v whom he had daughters Teddi Jo and also Justice, and also later to model Elaine Irwin, with whom he shares sons Hud and Speck.

Michelle is the earliest of Mellencamp"s youngsters — and also the just one he had actually with Esterline. Sadly, Esterline passed away at age 57 in September 2012 (via latest Celeb).

Justice Mellencamp/Instagram
Although Michelle"s younger sister Teddi Mellencamp has become somewhat the a celebrity in her own right, thanks to she three-season stint on "The real Housewives that Beverly Hills," (via Vulture), Michelle appears to have eschewed the spotlight, as noted by Glamour Path.

We do understand that Michelle offered birth to daughter Elexis Susan Peach in 1989 as soon as she was 18, making john Mellencamp a grandfather at just 37 (via associated Press). Because that the most part, though, Michelle appears to store a short profile, rarely also posting on Instagram. However, in spite of their differing viewpoints to reputation — or whatever could have transpired in between their parental — Michelle and Teddi show up to have a close relationship, share holidays together. ~ above Christmas work in 2018, Michelle post a snapshot of herself on Instagram v Teddi and daughter Elexis, v the caption "Merry Christmas" and also three heart emojis. Michelle is likewise tagged in a variety of pictures top top Instagram by younger sister justice Mellencamp, showing vacations in Hilton Head, south Carolina, and also #tbts indigenous the "80s.

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Like so many celebrities, man Mellencamp has actually a combined family, and it seems as though there"s nothing but an excellent blood between them.