Rory Feek is increasing his youngest together a solitary dad, but his 2 older daughters room a large help, too. Acquire to understand Rory Feek"s daughters & the sweet fam

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Singer, songwriter and single superdad Rory Feek released a brand-new children’s book this week, just in time because that Father’s Day. The sweet book, The day God make You, was inspired by the Grammy winner’s 6-year-old daughter Indiana, who has Down syndrome.

“The job God Made you is a beautiful reminder to all kids — including all races, different abilities and those with disability — the God produced them v purpose and also love,” said Thomas Nelson Publishers in a push release.

Indiana — who is adorably referred to as Indy by her household — is the just daughter of Rory and also his late wife, Joey, who died in march 2016 after ~ a brave battle with cervical cancer. (Together, the pair were the country and bluegrass duo Joey+Rory, and they videotaped seven albums together between 2008 and 2016.) In one interview with People around the brand-new book, Rory claimed that he hopes the story will certainly remind Indy that she was made specifically the method she was intended to be made.

“Indy doesn"t recognize she has Down syndrome,” Rory said. “She doesn’t recognize that it is a thing, and also she specifically doesn’t understand it’s a negative thing. I know there will certainly come a day where she’s going to wake up up and someone’s going to tell she — she going to uncover out that she’s different. And also that’s walking to be very, really difficult. Because that me, maybe this is simply a little component of understanding to think, come build, also within her a little bit, the you space different. She specially make different, just like I am.”

elevating Indiana alone is actually Rory’s 2nd time at being a single dad. He additionally has 2 adult daughters, Heidi, 33, and Hopie, 31, from his an initial marriage, and also the singer elevated them by himself, too. When Rory married Joey in 2002, she stepped up together the girls’ stepmother, elevating them as if castle were her own. And also now the Joey is gone, Heidi and Hopie have actually stepped in to help their dad advanced their tiny sister.


So who space Rory Feek’s daughters? We have actually gathered every you must know around the 3 sisters.

Heidi Feek & Rory Feek Credit: Instagram/Heidi Feek

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Rory Feek"s Daughter, Heidi

Rory’s eldest daughter native his an initial marriage, Heidi is a singer choose her dad. Heidi to be a part of her parents’ band and sang back-up vocals ~ above The Hymns that Are vital To Us, Joey+Rory’s last album prior to her stepmom pass away.

Although she parents were well-known for gift Christian country music crooners, Heidi prefers more of a jazz, blues and folk sound in her very own music. In 2013, Heidi released her debut solo album, The Only, and also received rave evaluate for her rendition that Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” The sheathe was also used in the trailer because that the TV display American fear Story: Hotel.

In 2012, Heidi wed Nashville artist Casey Pierce, yet their marriage only it s long a couple of years. Casey directed numerous of Heidi’s music videos — including one for her track “Jungle,” which to be written about their breakup. “I want to make it v him due to the fact that I wrote the song about our divorce and finding new life ~ it,” Heidi composed on Facebook. “I to be so grateful for every that ns learned indigenous him and our relationship, and even more grateful the we space still girlfriend after all of that.”

end the past couple of years, Heidi has been performing through Dillon Hodges as the duo firekid. Yet the pair’s partnership no just around making music together: Heidi and also Dillon bound the knot on September 17, 2019. Although they live in Alabama, Heidi is super close through her dad and little sister and also visits castle as frequently as she can.

Rory Feek"s Daughter, Hopie

Hopie is the younger of Rory’s 2 daughters v his first marriage. In his memoir, Once upon A Farm, Rory revealed that his middle daughter come out to him together a lesbian just days after Joey’s funeral. Rory, a conservative Christian, admitted the he initially didn’t handle the news well, yet eventually came to realize that his job as Hopie’s dad was to be supportive.

“Hopie has made me rethink whatever I’ve ever thought once it involves some things,” Rory composed in his book.” and in other ways I’m still ideal where I always was. Very first off, I’m no the judge. The is not my job. Ns Hopie’s father. My task is come love her. She gets to do her decisions in life. All of them. Ns can give or disapprove, yet it’s her life, and also she has actually a best to live it together she chooses.”

Thankfully, this story has actually a happy ending: Hopie married she longtime girlfriend, Wendy, at the family’s Tennessee farm yard on October 27, 2018. Rory go Hopie down the aisle, with little Indy serving as the flower girl and large sis Heidi standing beside her as the maid the honor.

Rory Feek"s Daughter, Indiana

it takes a town to raise a child, and that is definitely the situation with Indiana! although Indy was just 2 year old once her mom died, the adorable little girl has actually lots the mother numbers in her life. Rory’s 2 sisters live on the family’s Tennessee farm, and also Hopie resides nearby. And also they all aid Rory parent his little girl.

Sweet and also silly, Indy steals the show on the family’s docuseries, This Life ns Live (which airs Sundays on RFD-TV). Rory often posts about his daughter ~ above his Instagram page, chronicling childhood landmarks like as soon as she lost her first tooth and also went swimming through her cousins. Indy’s huge sisters article a lot around her, too, on their social media pages. According to Heidi’s Instagram stories, Indy is around to graduate native kindergarten! What a big girl!

Indiana knows all about her mom, too. Rory told that Indy recognizes she mama’s voice once she hears a Joey+Rory song, and also that as soon as they visit Joey’s dig site, Indiana will “lay ideal down in prior of mama’s cross and also look up at the sky.”

Aw! I’m not crying. You’re crying!

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