“Counting On” alum Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have welcomed their 4th child, a baby girl called Fern Elliana Seewald.

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“Baby Seewald#4has arrived!” Duggar, 26, wrote on Instagram Monday in addition to a picture of herself in tears while cradling her newborn.

The previous “19 Kids and also Counting” star also shared “Part 1” of she birth story in a video clip to YouTube that recorded the job leading as much as the baby’s arrival.

In the video, Duggar asks she other children for baby surname suggestions, noting that she and Seewald, 25, took five days to decision on name for two of their other kids.

At the finish of the clip, Duggar and Seewald space seen beginning the hospital ~ above Sunday at 3:26 p.m. She says her contractions are three minutes apart at the point.

“Ready to have actually this baby!” a subtitle states in ~ the finish of the video.

The couple later post “Part 2” of your birth story come YouTube whereby they filmed Duggar carrying their little girl. Duggar was checked out crying together she organized her newborn because that the an initial time and they shared that her mom obtained to reduced the umbilical cord. They additionally showed Fern’s first couple of hours in the civilization as Seewalkd organized her and she was presented to she older siblings.

Jessa and also Ben Seewald room pictured with their older children Henry, Ivy and Spurgeon. Instagram

Friends and also fans flooded the comments ar of Duggar’s post to storage the couple’s brand-new addition.

“Congratulations!!!! love the YouTube!” one fan wrote.

“We’re so happy because that y’all,” an additional added.

“Love this!!! You room an amazing mama!!! therefore beautiful,” an additional commented.

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The couple announced in February that they to be expecting their fourth child, while additionally telling fans the Duggar had actually previously suffered a pregnancy loss.

“After the heartbreaking lose of a baby last year, we’re overjoyed come share the another little Seewald is ~ above the way!” the couplesaid with TLC at the time.

They are currently parents to kid Spurgeon, 5, child Henry, 4, and also 2-year-old daughter Ivy. The duo gained marriedin 2014.