Throughout the years, Jane Seymour starred in Hollywood hits choose Live and also Let Die and also Dr. Quinn, medication Woman, yet she additionally juggled the role of gift a mom. Though the British-American actress has actually been vested for her showbiz career through two golden Globes and an Emmy, jane should also be well-known for gift one amazing mommy to her four kids.

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The Wedding Crashers actress an initial experienced motherhood in 1982 throughout her marital relationship with David Flynn. Jane and also the brother businessman, who married in 1981, invited their eldest child, Katherine Flynn, the following year. The previous couple’s son, Sean Flynn, arrived 3 years later on in 1985, however Jane and David referred to as it quits in 1992.


Following their divorce, jane tied the knot with other actor James Keach shortly after in 1993. The lovebirds increased the Somewhere in Time star’s family members when their pair sons, John Stacy Keach and also Kristopher Steven Keach, arrived in 1995. The pair held off from having any more children, and after 23 years of marriage, they separation in 2015.

Now the her kids are every grown up, Jane has actually an easier time balancing she career and also time through her family. The Among Angels writer has always been open around her life together a mom and dished just how she always keeps her children on optimal of her priority list.

“The youngsters know i would choose family over any role and end anything in my life,” Jane called The Guardian in 2013. “I don’t understand if i’m a an excellent mum. I’m the finest mum ns know how to be. Ns think the all about listening to your children, communicating and caring sufficient to be involved in your life.”


The actress detailed she’s constantly been “around” because that her children despite her busy schedule. “When they to be young, all over I filmed, ns took them v me. As soon as they to be younger, I had actually to make compromises, sometimes around not taking functions that may have taken me far from them as well much,” she explained. “They recognize that ns love what i do, and also they likewise know we’re all about family, so they are all around family.”

In addition to she children, mrs is additionally a love grandma. “I swore i wasn’t going come be among those civilization who can’t stop talking around her grandchildren,” she gushed come Closer Weekly in February 2021. “But the amazing. You acquire suckered in the minute the first grandchild comes along. It practically seems more magical than as soon as you had actually your own children!”

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Katherine Flynn

Just choose her famous mom, Jane’s eldest boy — that was born ~ above January 7, 1982 — also went the acting route. Katherine has been in various TV shows and films, many recently starring alongside her mother in the 2018 movie, Mistrust. Per IMDb, she also has credits in 2017’s Once top top a Time in Venice, 2011’s Let Go and 2009’s Chloe and Keith’s Wedding. Katherine has also produced and also written in the industry.

Though details that Katherine’s personal life aren’t totally clear, she is a proud mom of two daughters, Luna and Willa.


Sean Michael Flynn

Jane’s second child landed on July 31, 1985. While Sean pursued a career in Hollywood prefer his mom and also older sister, he’s live a more low-profile life. He’s appeared in 1997’s Destination Anywhere and also in Dr. Quinn, medicine Woman in 1993, yet his recent gigs are behind the camera. In 2007, he wrote, directed and also produced the quick film Numb.

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John Stacy Keach

John (right) is among Jane’s twins who was born on November 30, 1995. Though John has yet to establish a career together a Hollywood star, that has already made his exhilaration debut. Every IMDb, he showed up in the 2006 film Blind Dating. He’s even made plenty of red carpet appearances through his mother over the years. According to Jane, the 2 share an unbreakable bond.

“Johnny and also I have spent a the majority of time with each other this year gaining to recognize each various other as adults,” she penned on Instagram in November 2020. “We’ve been in Spain filming, top top mini road trips, painting together, enjoy it the music he’s been creating and having thoughtful discussions nearly every day. “

Kristopher Steven Keach

Just prefer his pair brother, Kristopher — that was named after late actor Christopher Reeve — continues to be out the the spotlight for the most part, however he has shown up plenty of times top top his mom’s Instagram. According to a post on Jane’s social media in November 2020, Kris is a hardworking and married man.⁣“I’m so proud the Kris for studying hard and pursuing his MBA, because that marrying his beautiful wife, Miso, and for working with me together an assistant,” she wrote. “He’s to be doing a brilliant task cataloging and archiving moment from our lives.”