PLAYBOY guru Hugh Hefner was notoriously recognized for wild parties through his famous"bunnies."

But personal from gift the founder and publisher the the top mag Playboy, the was likewise a loving dad of four children.

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Hugh Hefner to be a loving dad of four childrenCredit: Getty - Contributor

Who space Hugh Hefner's kids?

Hugh Hefner had four youngsters from his two previous marriages.

His daughter Christie, born in 1952 and son David, born in 1955, to be from his very first marriage to Mildred Williams.

The pair was together for ten year from 1949 to 1959.

Hefner had two younger sons native his 2nd marriage.

In 1989, he married Playboy’s “Playmate that the Year”, Kimberly Conrad.

The pair had two sons Marston, born in 1990, and Cooper, born in 1991.

They divorce in 2010, the exact same year Hef announced his engagement to previous Playboy sheathe star decision Harris.

Christie Hefner

Christie Hefner is Hugh's eldest boy from his marriage to Mildred Williams.


Hugh Hefner through his daughter ChristieCredit: Getty - Contributor

Christie graduated through a bachelor's degree in English and also American literature from Brandeis university in 1974.

In 1982, she ended up being president of Playboy Enterprises and was made chairman the the board and CEO in 1988.

She stepped down from her place as CEO in 2009.

David Hefner

David Hefner was born in respectable 1955 in Palo Alto, California to parents Hugh and Mildred Williams.

He attended the college of California Santa Cruz majoring in film and also digital media.

David has not pursued his father's empire and has introduced his own computer consulting firm.

He has additionally dabbled in film production.

His very first independent film, forgotten Pills winner the grand Jury prize for ideal feature in ~ the 2010 Dances with movies festival.

His 2nd feature Washed was released in 2014.

Hefner with his young Cooper and also MarstonCredit: Getty - Contributor

Marston Hefner

Marston is the very first son that Hugh and also former "Playmate that the year" Kimberly Conrad.

During the first years the his life he live at the Playboy mansion.

According come TMZ earlier in 2012, he to be arrested after the allegedly attacked his Playmate the the Year girlfriend Claire Sinclair.

Unlike his younger brothers Cooper, Marston has not followed his father's footsteps.

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His Twitter bio states "writer and also backgammon" and he claims he he has written a zombie book.