On Saturday, the supermodel mutual a rare photograph of her 4 children, and also husband Tom Kaulitz, during a household outing to the Boros repertoire in Berlin, Germany.

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Alongside the family photo, she contained a slideshow of moment from the day, consisting of a selfie v Kaulitz and photos of the guitarist spending time through her kids.

Klum, 47, is mother to four children — Leni, 16, Henry, 15, Johan, 14, and also Lou, 11 — who she shares with ex-husband Seal.

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The four kids joined their mom in Germany ~ Klum filed an emergency activity in August claiming that Seal, 57, would not permit their youngsters to travel to Europe v her for work because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.



A mainly after the filing the pair settled ~ above a custody commitment that would permit them to travel with their mother.

In the custody covenant obtained by audioeditorfree.com, it's proclaimed that before the children's departure and also upon their return to Los Angeles, Seal will certainly be licensed has been granted to "expanded time" with them. The can also visit the children during any time while they room in Germany, i m sorry he and Klum "shall cooperate and also work with each other to make arrangements for."

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However, in the instance that the United states shuts down its borders since of coronavirus, the agreement states the Klum must "immediately make arrangements in an effort to return residence with the children before the boundaries close."

Klum has actually been filming season 16 of Germany's following Top design in Germany, and also at the time of her emergency submit she said that while she normally brings the children with her as soon as she has to travel because that work, Seal had "not yet authorized of this trip."

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Next peak Model is typically filmed in Los Angeles come accommodate she family, however the German cast and crew members room unable to get in the U.S. Due to the fact that of the pandemic.

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Klum and also Seal's divorce to be finalized in October 2014 after ripe years that marriage. The America's acquired Talent judge married Tom Kaulitz last year after ~ the guitarist's Christmas night proposal.

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