Three adult youngsters of the late-singer valley Campbell have ended their effort to challenge their father"s will, which especially excluded lock from any kind of inheritance.

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Campbell passed away Aug. 8, 2017 at period 81 in the final stages of Alzheimer"s disease. 

Campbell"s will left his estate come Kimberly Campbell, his wife of 34 years, and five that his eight adult children, however cut out three kids from prior marriages — William Campbell, Kelli Campbell and also Wesley Campbell.

On Monday, the three siblings agreed come dismiss their fight for a piece of their father"s estate. A legal filing in Davidson county Probate Court walk not detail why. The 3 had disputed the validity the the 2006 will, questioning their late father"s capacity. 

The legal conflict pitting Campbell"s widow versus three the Campbell"s children has long delayed resolution of the singer"s last affairs, including the question of who has actually the civil liberties to future royalties ~ above his music. The legend performer was well-known for songs choose "Gentle On mine Mind," "Galveston," "Wichita Lineman" and "Rhinestone Cowboy," 

Through she attorneys, Kimberly Campbell approve a declare that stated she was pleased to put the matter behind her. "The submit of a will dispute last January come as a shock to me," the declare said. "There to be never any type of merit to this claims.


"I to be pleased to ultimately put this daunting experience behind me therefore that ns may emphasis on mine family, my continued mission to educate, destigmatize, and raise awareness because that Alzheimer"s condition - and to respect my husband and his amazing music legacy."

Campbell"s statement provided that there was no negotiation made with the adult children.

Attorneys for the three adult children contesting Campbell"s might not automatically be reached. 

Though unofficial estimates initially inserted the worth of the Campbell heritage in the millions, estimates given to the probate court detailed an estimated value the $420,221.

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That number excludes future royalties from Campbell"s music.

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