Grey"s Anatomy pan likely recognize every information of Meredith Grey"s relationship history, the ups and also downs the which have actually been chronicled end the course of the abc drama"s 14 (soon to it is in 15) seasons. What plenty of followers don"t recognize much about, though, is the real-life romantic of the actress that plays Meredith, Ellen Pompeo.

Despite being one of TV"s greatest stars (not to point out top earners), Ellen has regulated to store her household life with her husband, kris Ivery, under the radar compared to many of she Hollywood peers.

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Ellen Pompeo and Christopher Ivery in 2006.
Jeffrey MayerGetty Images

Ellen, 48, met the music producer, 50, when shopping at a grocery store in Los Angeles in 2003. They clearly made one impression on each various other amid the aisles due to the fact that the two began dating 6 months later. Incredibly, Ellen and also Chris discovered that they actually flourished up just minutes from each other close to Boston.

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"We to be six levels our totality lives, so i feel prefer we were kind of intended to be," Ellen told People in 2006, adding, "We"ll gain married eventually, secretly."

The really next year, in 2007, the couple did simply that at brand-new York City Hall. The ceremony, which was officiated by mayor Michael Bloomberg, was so exclusive that no one wedding guest to be invited. The just witness was an initial Deputy mayor Patricia Harris.

The simple nuptials and a weekend getaway were simply what the California-based bride and also groom wanted. "We flew out on a redeye Thursday night. Friday morning, we woke up, went to City Hall, had actually the wedding yes, really quick, and also then we visited Lupa for lunch after," Ellen called Ryan Seacrest and also Kelly Ripa. "We had actually the entirety weekend and also no one knew, therefore we had actually that to ourselves."

After they tied the knot, your family continued to grow. The couple now has three children: Stella Luna, born 2009, Sienna May, born 2014, and also Eli Christopher, born 2016. And also Ellen"s Instagram account provides it clear where her concerns are; the actress explains herself together "Personal Assistant come Stella Luna, Sienna May and Eli Christopher."