March 23, 2021 marks 10 years because Elizabeth Taylor passed away and, just like most points she completed during she life, consisting of her eight marriages, girlfriend can't assist but wonder whereby her children are now. All four of them space all get an impression up and also some have actually taken various turns in your lives, but, for the most part, they are all still keeping Elizabeth's memory from fizzling out.

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Before Elizabeth married Richard Burton, she had adopted Maria native Germany. And also later, once Elizabeth and also Richard married because that the first time, that also adopted both Maria and Elizabeth's various other daughter Liza Todd, that was native a vault marriage. Maria flourished up v super renowned parents but, uneven a couple of her siblings, she has actually remained mainly out that the spotlight herself.


Like her mother, though, Maria married much more than once. And also with among her husbands, she became embroiled in a semi-public custody battle for her daughter, who at some point went to live with Elizabeth for some time. It stands to reason, though, the Maria remaining out of the general public eye might be what's finest for her and what she prefers.

With her 2nd husband, Michael Wilding, Elizabeth conceived Michael Wilding Jr., that eventually ended up being an actor like his famed parents. Although he is no longer energetic on TV or in movie today, Michael Wilding Jr.'s many notable roles include those in the initial Dallas TV show and also the soap opera Guiding Light.


He went on to have actually three children. His son, Tarquin Wilding, is likewise an actor who has had actually a grasp of roles. His daughter Laela Wilding, on the other hand, is a yoga instructor who holds great in Portland and, prefer her granny was, she's an advocate for those living through HIV. And Michael Wilding Jr.'s other daughter, Naomi Wilding, is also an activist.

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Elizabeth and also Michael Wilding's other son, Christopher Wilding, has done part film modifying on a handful of projects. And when it pertains to his mother, the is will on honoring her in any method he can. He's retirement now, however Christopher called The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 that he's honored to have actually one that his mother's Oscars on display screen in his home.

"I'm thrilled to have the Oscar," he stated at the time. "She was so beautiful, some people tended come overlook her great acting chops."