Music legend Dr. Dre (real name: Andre Young) is ~ above everyone"s mind, particularly his children"s, ~ he suffered a brain aneurysm on Jan. 4, 2021, per TMZ. He was rushed come Cedars-Sinai Medical facility in Los Angeles, and, together of Jan. 6, the rapper remains in the facility"s ICU and also is in "stable condition and also is lucid," according to the outlet.

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The music icon also addressed the state of his problem on Instagram on the evening of Jan. 5, writing, "Thanks to my family, friends and also fans for their interest and well wishes. I"m doing great and obtaining excellent treatment from my clinical team. I will certainly be the end of the hospital and ago home soon. Shout the end to every the good medical experts at Cedars. One Love!!"

Dre isn"t exactly out that the woods yet, and many fans remain worried about his condition. It"s same to assume the document producer"s nine kids were together equally came to — however, together of this writing, they have actually yet come speak out around their father"s condition. In the meantime, let"s take it a look at the rapper"s large family.

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The iconic rapper could be known for making an excellent music, but Dr. Dre has likewise made part pretty significant babies, and also just prefer in his career, that started really young. The producer came to be a father as soon as he was simply 16 years old, v his previous girlfriend Cassandra joy Greene providing birth to a son named Curtis (pictured above). Curtis was raised by his mother and didn"t understand of his well known father until he turned 12, as he told XXL Mag. He met his dad because that the first time when he to be 20. The two seem to it is in on good state today, and Curtis also followed in his father"s footsteps and also is a rapper under the exact same Hood Surgeon.

Two year after his son"s birth, Dre welcomed a daughter, La Tanya daniel Young, with ex-girlfriend Lisa Johnson. In December 2020, La Tanya called the Daily Mail she hasn"t talked to she father in 17 years and claimed that doesn"t assist her financially although she"s suffered difficult times. In addition to La Tanya, Dre had two an ext daughters with Johnson named LaToya and also Ashley.

After Dre"s relationship with Johnson fizzled, the went on come have one more son, Andre Young Jr., with Jenita Porter. In 2008, Andre Jr. died of a drug overdose at just twenty years old, according to The Sun. "Dr Dre is mourning the lose of his boy Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family"s grief and privacy at this time," Dre"s representatives stated in a statement at the time.

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Dr. Dre continued to increase his brood as his relationships began to mature. The rapper remained in a nine-year romance through R&B singer Michel"le Toussaint, and together they had actually a son named Marcel Young, who shows up to store a low profile. Toussaint told TV One (via Eurweb) about her children"s fathers, including Dr. Dre, "They are great fathers and they are there because that them. It"s not always monetary. It"s around being there." 

In 1996, Dre married Nicole Young, and the pair welcomed three kids — a son named Truice and also daughters Truly (pictured above) and also Tyra. After over twenty years of marriage, Nicole filed for divorce from the artist in June 2020, and the pair have remained in a financial battle ever since, through Nicole demanding $2 million a month in spousal support despite their prenup. Next from your parents" drama, their kids seem to be doing all right. Truice graduated from the college of southern Carolina in might 2020 and also while important is examining film at an additional USC, the college of southern California, per The Sun. As for Tyra, she"s been functioning as one actress and producer, follow to her IMDb profile.