If yes one point that renders Donny Osmond much more proud than his singing and acting career, the his five beloved youngsters with mam Debbie Osmond. In fact, the “I’ll make a guy Out that You” singer can not be more thrilled to it is in the dad the his adult sons Donald Osmond, Jr.

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Jeremy OsmondBrandon OsmondChristopher Osmond and Joshua Osmond.


Donny and Debbie have actually been living a life the wedded bliss ever because the two claimed “I do” in might 1978. It wasn’t long before the Masked Singer alum and also his spouse began their family as Donald arrived a small over a year later on in July 1979. Your eldest son’s birth was adhered to by Jeremy in June 1981, Brandon in 1985 and also Christopher in 1990. The pair completed their family members eight years later when they invited youngest son Josh in 1998.

There’s no doubt Donny bring away his function as a loving husband and also father seriously. The former Dancing through the Stars contestant once praised the Fir Tree actress for being the reason he is the patriarch of such an amazing family.


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“I an initial met Debbie once she was 15 years old. She was the warm babe cheerleader in town and she dated my brothers <Jay Osmond> prior to she dated me,” he formerly gushed in a on facebook post. “It took me three totality years to victory her heart and convince her to marry me.”

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Looking back, Donny noted he couldn’t feel luckier to have actually his spouse by his side. “We’ve shared a exorbitant life together. Debbie provided me five wonderful sons. We now have beautiful daughters-in-law,” he continued. “With the means she looks, that would ever believe that a woman that lovely is a grandmother? She is quiet a an extremely hot babe!”


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Donny also once credited Debbie for “always the main point of life” when he was juggling his previously years as a Hollywood star.

“I am particularly grateful the my too ~ Debbie has been able to be house with our children and also has to be such a an effective and uplifting influence on each among our family,” he told Third Hour. “Especially in her good support of me in my stunner career that takes me away from the home so much.”

Donny and Debbie space the sweetest parents!

Scroll down to learn all around the longtime couple’s 5 sons!

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Donald Clark Osmond, Jr.

Donny’s eldest son, Donald Jr., to be born ~ above July 31, 1979. Follow to The Spectrum, he works at a public relationships firm.

In 2012, the father-son duo showed up together in a quick preview clip on The Talk. “We’re below to surprised the very special women of The Talk for Father’s Day,” he claimed alongside his dad.

Donny’s kid is also the proud husband come his wife, Jessica Nelson Osmond, who he married in 2010. Together, they share four kiddos.

In December 2020, the Joseph and also the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat star revealed Don welcomed his fourth child. “We officially have actually a dozen!” the proud grandpa penned. “Debbie and I are so excited the our 12th grandbaby was born two weeks ago. Don and Jessi invited Christian on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, and we are already in love.”

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Instagram/Melisa Osmond

Jeremy James Osmond

While Jeremy — that was born on June 8, 1981 — also didn’t pursue a job in Hollywood, the earned his doctorate degree and also works as a physical therapist. In 2002, Jeremy tied the knot with wife Melisa Osmond and became the proud dad the their 3 kids, Dylan, Ryder, and also daughter Emery, who is Donnie’s just granddaughter.

Donny once gushed around his beloved nephew in a cute write-up on Instagram. “She’s mine sweet princess. This girl is together radiant on the inside together she is on the outside, and she’s growing up therefore fast,” he wrote. “I look in ~ her and feel an enormous sense of proud in the strong woman she becoming. Bapa loves you, Emy.”

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Instagram/Shelby Osmond

Brandon Michael Osmond

Brandon arrived on January 29, 1985, and also he definitely takes ~ his father as he enjoys music, singing and also art. According to his website with wife Shelby Osmond — v whom that tied the node in 2008 — Brandon is “an advertiser, an art director, a photographer, musician singer.”

When he’s no singing around the couple’s house, Brandon is additionally the dad of four boys, Daxton, Tayte, Benson and Peder.

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Instagram/Donny Osmond

Christopher glen Osmond

Judging through his Instagram, it shows up Chris — who was born on December 12, 1990 — is super into photography. The singer’s handsome boy is quite successful in his an individual life as married wife Alta Osmond in might 2017.

Because Donny and also Chris’ birthdays are simply days apart, the father-son duo always has a share celebration. However, Donny doesn’t mind one bit. “I love celebrating our birthdays together, Chris,” the “Puppy Love” singer gushed on social media in December 2020. “You room the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.”

Donny couldn’t be an ext proud together he watched Chris came to be a dad for the an initial time in late November 2020. “Thanksgiving is extra one-of-a-kind this year. Aussie is here and also she is for this reason beautiful,” the doting grandpa gushed beside a pic the Chris and also Alta’s newborn. 

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Instagram/Donny Osmond

Joshua Davis Osmond

The youngest that Donny and also Debbie’s youngsters is Josh, that made his arrival on February 16, 1998. Mock is law some remarkable things together a young adult. In 2016, he relocated to Rome, Italy, to offer as a missionary because that The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-Day Saints. Once Donny rejoined with Josh 2 years later on in December 2018, that couldn’t aid but marvel over his boy accomplishment.

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“A exorbitant reunion in Rome!” he captioned a photograph with Josh and also Debbie. “After two years of valiantly serving together a missionary because that The Church the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy, our son Josh will return home with united state for a reunion through the whole family. What a birthday! What a Christmas!”

Since he is been ago in the U.S., Josh has stayed simply as busy. In fact, he got married to longtime love Summer Felsted in June 2020. Donny mutual a photo of the newlyweds kissing by a waterfall and also captioned it, “Today was a picture-perfect day. Summer and also Josh, we room absolutely thrilled because that you and your bright future ahead.”

The duo additionally exclusively opened up up come Closer Weekly around their “intimate” nuptials. Due to the fact that Josh and also Summer obtained married amid the coronavirus pandemic, they held a little ceremony with friends and also family in Donny’s backyard.

“It made the entirety day much more personal and special,” Josh told Closer in June 2020. “The wedding rotate out much more beautiful than we might have even imagined. It to be such a fun celebration the this brand-new step we’re soaking up life.”

Looking ago on the critical year, Donny is for this reason proud of Josh. In honor of his youngest child’s date of birth in February 2021, the singer praised his child for growing into such a “wonderful” man. “Josh, what a great year this has been because that you and also for her sweet wife, Summer,” he wrote on Instagram. “It makes me for this reason honored come be referred to as your dad. Mom and I love girlfriend so much!”