Donnie Wahlberg is an American Singer-songwriter, Actor, and also Rapper. Besides that, he is additionally a record producer and a movie producer. Donnie was born together Donald Edmond Wahlberg top top 17th august 1969. He has been on various movies together as saw II, Zookeeper, Blue Bloods, and also many more.

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He is famously known to it is in a band member that the ‘New children on The Block.’ They were a hit back in the so late ’80s and also early ’90s. Donnie Wahlberg has actually two sons: Xavier Alexander and Elijah Hendrix. Together you continue reading, friend will gain to know much more about Donnie Wahlberg’s sons.

Who is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg?

Xavier Alexander is famously well-known to it is in the oldest son the Donnie Wahlberg and also Kimberly Fey. He was born on 4th March 1993. Unlike his father, Xavier is a very private person. He has actually not disclosed any type of details of himself.In one of Donnie Wahlberg’s interview, he stated that his oldest son remained in a tape which played dark hardcore music. He would perform his music ~ above stage. Since he prefers living his life on a low key, the public does not know what he is actually as much as these days. We know that he wanted to it is in a singer like his dad so probably he’s functioning on that.Xavier’s network worth is stated to it is in $1 million. He has actually not disclosed details top top his career. Us can, however, assume that he earns native the work-related he is doing. How about his date life? Unfortunately, we have no details on the either. Together handsome as he is, though, he is single.
Caption: Donnie Wahlberg son Xavier Alexander Wahlberg
alexwahlberg. He has a exclusive account, and the only information we deserve to gather from over there is the his Snapchat take care of is ‘alxwahlberg.’His father’s profile, ~ above the various other hand, is
donniewahlberg. He has actually a total of 1.4 Million followers. Donnie loves posting pictures of his family and also friends. We additionally get to check out his dog Lumpy who he loves a lot. He likewise loves posting stories of his beautiful wife, Jenny McCarthy. Among the most crucial things us noticed is that Donnie look at a lot his younger brother, note Wahlberg.

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  Full nameXavier Alexander WahlbergAge27 years oldDate of Birth4th march 1993Place of BirthUnited StatesProfessionN/ANet worth$1 MillionGirlfriendN/AKids0NationalityAmericanEthnicityCaucasianZodiac SignPiscesParentsDonnie Wahlberg, Kimberly Fey
His younger brothers is Elijah Hendrix. Apart from Elijah, Xavier has actually a stepbrother, Evan Joseph Asher. The is the kid of Xavier and also Elijah’s stepmother. Take a look in ~ his life in full detail.

Who is Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg?

Elijah Hendrix is the last-born child of Donnie Wahlberg. He was born top top 20th respectable 2001 and also is currently 20 years old. Elijah and his father have actually a very close relationship. They are seen out in the general public in various occasions. Prefer his brother Xavier, Elijah has also not disclosed much information about himself. Nevertheless, we acquired information indigenous a source saying the he at this time studies in ~ Berklee university of Music.
Caption: Donnie Wahlberg with his kid Elijah Hendrix Wahleberg
Sources stated that it might be possible that Elijah could be date a girl named Grace Adduci. She researches Music at west Michigan University. Then again, us cannot it is in sure around their relationship status; castle may as well be just besties.Elijah’s Instagram manage is
lijah_wahlberg, v 26.3k followers. As we look at his posts, we check out that the loves hanging out with his dad a lot, and also they have a close relationship together. Elijah and Donnie have been checked out out with each other on assorted occasions. For instance, in basketball games and concerts.We also got to find out that that was functioning on his single. The is v no doubt the Elijah Hendrix would end up being famous one day, favor his dad Donnie and his Uncle Mark. That is already recognized together the child of Donnie Wahlberg. Elijah’s network worth is still currently Under review as that is just start to venture into the music industry.

Wiki bio, and facts.

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  Full nameElijah Hendrix WahlbergAge20 year oldDate the Birth20th august 2001Place the BirthUnited StatesProfessionStudentNet worthUnder ReviewGirlfriendN/AKids0NationalityAmericanEthnicityCaucasianZodiac SignLeoParentsDonnie Wahlberg, Kimberly Fey
Elijah Hendrix is the youngest child of the famous American Singer-songwriter, Donnie Wahlberg. Elijah is claimed to have actually brown eyes and also dark blonde hair. Proceed reading to uncover out an ext details about Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg.The Wahlberg’s are among the most prestigious households in the unified States. Almost each of the Wahlberg brother is famous. But who is the most famed of castle all? note Wahlberg. The is well known for starring in various movies such as Daddy’s Home, Ted, immediate Family, etc.