Daphne Oz"s rep evidenced her baby news specifically to human being on march 19, revealing the she was expecting her 4th child later on this year

The food on Oz co-host, 33, and husband man Jovanovic have welcomed their 4th child, a daughter, her rep confirms to world exclusively.

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Giovanna “Gigi” Ines Jovanovic to be born top top Wednesday, Aug. 14, in ~ 9:03 p.m., measuring 21 inches and also weighing in at 8 lbs., 5 oz.

The newborn baby girl joins the couple’s daughters Domenica Celine, 20 months, and Philomena Bijou, 5, as well as son Jovan Jr., 3½.

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In early August, the new MasterChef Junior referee told human being that this has been her “hardest pregnant physically,” but that “trying come feel good in my skin, even if it is it’s finding tiny ways to take treatment of myself or finding clothing that to the right in a way that renders me feeling good, has made a large difference.”

“It’s physically daunting,” Oz added. “I’ve been pregnant 4 times in 5 years now. On the one hand, her body is so resilient, it’s truly remarkable what the person body is qualified of. Yet on the other, it’s like, ‘Whoa, deserve to you offer me a break for a second?’ ”



During this pregnancy, the TV host joined the judges’ dashboard on MasterChef Junior alongside Aarón Sanchez and Gordon Ramsay, that welcomed child Oscar James previously this year.

“Hats off to him. Ns feel choose he is juggling so lot all the time and I have actually so much to discover in that regard,” she claims of her co-judge. “We additionally really check out eye come eye in figuring out exactly how to raise happy, confident children with passions the their own with yes, really nurturing parents, who at the exact same time, allow them live your lives.”

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In late March, Oz revealed solely to world that she was expecting a daughter, share photos that the inside of a sex-reveal lasagna she cut into alongside she dad, Dr. Mehmet Oz, which contained pink-dyed cheese.

“I’m at sight pumped about this due to the fact that I have actually done sex reveals a variety of ways,” she stated in a teaser clip native The food on Oz, wherein the huge announcement went down courtesy the the food by Villa Italian Kitchen.

“I have actually never yet checked out a sex reveal excellent this way, because that myself,” she continued. “But this is sort of a big deal — they put this ridiculous cheesy twist on lasagna.”

Added the Mom brain podcast co-host, “So within this lasagna … is one of two audioeditorfree.com blue or pink cheesy layers. That’s how you figure out what you’re having.”



Oz’s rep confirmed her baby news exclusively to world on in march 19, revealing the she and also husband Jovanovic were expecting their 4th child later on this year.

In a audioeditorfree.com-exclusive sneak peek of The dish on Oz’s march 20 episode, Oz — alongside she father — announced her baby on the means to the audience and show’s co-hosts.

The mom-to-be likewise revealed the interesting news in one Instagram post, whereby she sweetly shown the next profile of her baby bump in a patterned green dress.

“I do love to cook! bun in the oven #4 comes your way later this year and also we couldn’t be an ext excited!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️” she captioned the shot.

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Last summer, Oz opened up about her desire for much more children in the future. Because that MINI magazine’s summer 2018 cover story, the cookbook writer posed v her kids and revealed that she to be “for sure” open up to having actually more.

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Still, the former co-host that The Chew was living in the moment and wasn’t necessarily in a rush to expand her family.

“I love it,” Oz claimed of motherhood. “I think that there’s a part of me that concerns that ns will simply miss any type of version . These youngsters are all so different. Lock come out through these tiny personalities totally intact, and there are all these iterations of what you have the right to create, for this reason I desire to watch some an ext versions.”

“The ideal parts and the worst parts, the highs and the lows, castle both go so fast,” she told audioeditorfree.com. “You just need to relish every component of it.”

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